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I liked it, while I felt it did have its flaws, it was good overall. Of course, I'm partial because I was one of the beta testers to test it before its release. I still enjoy playing it on my Windows XP partition.
For the most part, it's an excellent game. However, if you don't like the genre, it won't win you over.
It's a nice shooting game. Polished, nice sound effects, lot's of action. This game is a nice time waster and one of the few games I'm keeping on my personal hardrive.
The music is horrible. Graphics and sound effects are great. Strafing is awkward. It would be easier if the game used standard FPS controls (ie. WASD + mouse). Gameplay is partially ruined by having enemies fire upon you before you can see them and it being impossible to effectively approach their position without taking significant hits (especially with the awkward strafing). It's a shame, because I get the feeling this could be a lot of fun if tweaked a bit.
******** by Rash
Despite a flawed copilot functionality, no in-game keyboard configuration option and the fact taking off and landing takes a long time (slowing the action down), this "Seek and Destroy"-like game by Johan Peitz is graphically complete and attractive and STILL more than worth checking out.
Another great game from a great developer. I always get great fun from your games. The effects are really cool, the graphics are clean, good designed, and well defined, the sound is good, and the gameplay is very good. A well deserved 5 - "Excellent"
Johan Peitz is one of the good all round game developers in the Allegro Community. Another high quality game.
Cool game with great gameplay. But I don't like having to start from the beginning every time I get killed. Definitively it's a worth download.
Yes, i finally got it working on my new comp, ive had lots of problems with it on my old computer, so no 5 rating, but it's a great game.Really well done, even if the machine gun bad guys are unbalanced. I reccomend it.
Really great game... Nice control feeling, fast action, good graphics...
Reminds me of the old 'Desert Strike' series. But this is waaay cooler! Well worth the download.
This game have a nice scrolling in my "old" computer. How do you do that?... well only for experts. Good job guys!.
******** by kdevil
Great game, only a few minor quirks (such as the idiot copilot slowly crawling towards absolutely nothing from time to time) keep this from a better rating.

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Are you ready to defend peace?
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