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The description is a bit misleading as the graphics are not better than Tyrian, but are still very good.There are tons of enimies and great explosions.It needs more levels however, as there is only one right now!
A vertical-scroller shoot-em-up game with power-ups a bit like Tyrian, but not as polished. Could do with some more levels.
Very cool game. The way the enemies fall to the ground is awesome. I really like how you get powerups, a gradual increase. Needs more levels indeed.
******** by Mars
great work, but sadly only one level
Great arcade action, full professional style game from when you double click it's EXE 'till you exit. If only there were more missions... still, great game, and the special effects are top notch.
Standard vertical shootemup, but with good excessive visual effects and good weapons. Music is also good (though taken from other stuff). Stop using low res!
Great graphics and music. Some of the enemy attack waves come at you too fast, making them difficult to evade, or kill, before they crash into you. Still, the game is not very hard (too easy maybe), and it's great fun to play. Too bad there's only one level, and where's the highscores-list?
******** by An Ly
Not bad for a shooter. Nice graphics and damn cool music. The game is very short though (1 level) and way too easy. Also, the weapons balance isn't great with no need to strategically change guns through the game. Still, good fun while it lasts.
I can only find one really bad thing about this game: It's to short. It might be a little hard to see what happends though, with all explotions around you. And it might be a little too easy. But why are you reading this? GO GET THE GAME!
If you love action, then you'll like this game. Just shoot everything that you see! And shoot if you don't see anything! Unfortunately, there is only one level - otherwise, it would make a great game.

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