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Depot: Empire Allegro Advance


****** by amber
Not a bad little game... the graphics could use some work, and the AI is dumb as a brick-- but it's still pretty fun!
Nice, very nice. A few problems, like crashes on some tiles near the edge of the map. But overall... nice.
The game could use more polish overall. It should include the Allegro DLL, especially when using a WIP version. The AI could use some work. There is a bug where my Lander loaded with Infantry was suddenly empty. It would be nice if the ripped graphics (and sounds?) were replaced and more transition tiles added. Otherwise, it's all good.
This game totally rocks.
******** by miran
@1.7: Excellent game in almost all respects. The only reason I can't give it a top score is because the graphics are not very good, the sound effects could be better and there's no music. Some sort of multiplayer over network support would make the game even better...
Graphics are quite crude. The use of Comic Sans and the standard Allegro font is a big no no. I'd recommend some more work on the UI, graphics and sound effects. Also, add music, it feels too plain without. And can't forget polish! This is promising though, and you have a possibility of turning this into a winner.
Wow! Best game EVAH! Well, almost... First when I looked at it, it seemed pretty bad, but then I decided to play it, and found out it is greaaaaaaaaat! And now, with teams and everything, w000t!
Great strategy game! The game itself is easy to learn and have good graphics (for a strategy game) and a pretty good AI. I got trouble when I go for some large maps, so its better to save your game often.
Excellent. The AI is very decent for a game like this and the gameplay has been improved a large amount. The only problem I had was that it "ran out of memory" once during a large game. Probably a memory leak somewhere.
Four-player map
Four-player map
The Developer
kdevilThis is a little about myself: My name's Kent. There. Oh, and I also like to program a game or two in my free time. (View Profile)