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Depot Games: Deluxe Pacman

Current Version: v1.99c

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site

Category: Pacman

Developers: Neil Roy

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: This is a game I have worked on for many years on and off since the late 1990s. It's inspired by the original game of the same name for the Amiga by Edgar Vigdal (I got his permission to create a similar version for the PC by the way). It's not an exact clone, only inspired. Anyhow, it runs great under all versions of Windows. Comes with a level editor, has a gun, bombs, you name it. Made with Allegro 4 for version 1, Allegro 5 for Deluxe Pacman 2. It's a single player game but there can but up to 4 players taking turns.


Name Comments Size Date Final version of Deluxe Pacman 1, created with Allegro 4. 2,757,311 04/22/2018 2:21 PM

What's New:

This is the final version of Deluxe Pacman 1, created with Allegro 4. This version included bug fixes and minor updates and was compiled with a newer version of Allegro 4 and MinGW 7.

I changed the default screen mode to Windowed, so when you first run the game it will run in a WINDOW rather than fullscreen. This might solve the problem with a black screen with some video cards. I am thinking that some video cards may no longer support 640x480 which is getting pretty dated. My next version of my game will actually use your desktop resolution when it sets up so this won't be a problem once I release it. Just keep in mind, this game started as a DOS game back when 640x480 was high resolution, hard to imagine now eh? ;)
If your game runs fine in fullscreen mode you don't really NEED to download this as it only changes the DEFAULT mode it uses when you first run it, but you may want it for future installations if you get a new video card perhaps.
This is the final version of Deluxe Pacman 1. It was entirely based on Allegro 4. I have a new game, Deluxe Pacman 2 which is based on Allegro 5 I am almost finished with which I am working on now.

Thanks to Matthias Pauli for pointing out an error I made with the shortcuts in the START menu for the documentation. I had updated the documentation so it was better organized and in it's own folder but forgot to update the shortcuts for it, thanks for bringing that to my attention. Note: You should uninstall the old version of the game in order to remove the old shortcuts before re-installing this version or the old shortcuts to the documents will still exist (and won't work) as well as the new shortcuts which are now contained inside the "documentation" folder in the START menu. I also made another small adjustment to the code to avoid a potential problem I introduced. Odds are nobody will ever see any problems, but one never knows, so this will fix it so that problem is fixed before anything comes up.

A minor change, I added an OFFICIAL WEBSITE selection to the main menu. It will quit the game and load up the official download website for the game in your default browser.

I reprogrammed the game so that ALL data is now stored in the same directory as the game is! Screw Windows and their "safe" locations, just make sure when you install the game, you don't install it in a system folder like "program files" or "windows" or you will have problems. Right now the default folder the installer uses (%userprofile%, your home folder) is fine and can be written to. At least for now, until Micro$oft decides to further control our lives and start dictating where we MUST install everything, at which time it still won't be a problem as I will stop making games for Windows. If you had the game installed before and wish to use your old settings and high score files, simply copy everything from your "appdata\roaming\Deluxe Pacman" folder (appdata folder is in your home folder, it may be hidden) into the Deluxe Pacman folder, where ever you installed it (default is a Deluxe Pacman folder inside your home folder).
An easy way top copy your old settings and high score files is to go to your START menu (while you still have one), and under Windows Vista and 7 simply type "com" in the box at the bottom, under Windows XP select RUN then type in COM. This will bring up the command prompt. From there type:
...use quotes, you don't have to type in all caps, this assumes you installed it in the default folder, and if it asks you to overwrite, that's up to you, it is safe to do so, it will overwrite your new CFG and High Score files with your old settings. This is where they will be saved from now on, in the same folder as the game resides in.
Another reason why I did this is to make the game more portable. You can copy the installation folder onto a thumb drive or wherever you wish (SSD etc) and run it from anybody's computer and all your settings will be in one place and ready to go. I also removed all Windows specific code from the game, I didn't have much, just a MessageBox() that appeared at first run asking for Fullscreen or Windowed mode, the game now defaults to Fullscreen and you can change this from the options. This is so I can port the game over to other operating systems easily.
Sorry for any inconvenience, but keeping my game portable so it can run from anywhere, and so I can easily port it to OTHER OPERATING SYSTEMS is now my new priority.

I updated the blue ghosts. I didn't like the way they looked so I made them look and act closer to what the old blue ghosts used to. Rather than having a mouth that moves, the eyes change size and the bottom shakes rapidly (to appear more frightened), the mouth doesn't move at all, like the original older animation. I also fixed a small error on level 10 and added a new donor name to the credits, many thanks to Martin Hansbauer for a generous donation, I have been encouraged by this to do more work on the game. All total this is a very minor update, mostly cosmetic, I'll try and come out with something more major soon, I have many ideas, but life keeps interrupting my progress, I was recently diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes so things have changed a lot for me, as well as expenses.

I updated the graphics for this version, improved lines, pills, pickups, pacman, ghosts, many of them 3D rendered for improved quality and updated to 32bit colour. There is also a change in the ghosts, they now look in the direction they are traveling rather than always watching Pacman. The old graphics would work with this version except the scared (blue) ghost animation is different on the new version. The old blue animation was 4 frames and went from 1 to 4 then back down to 1 again. The new animation goes fro 1 to 4, then repeats 1 to 4, so if you were to use the old graphics data file with this, that would be the only difference in that respect. I also compiled an AMD64 bit version of the executable, if you have problems with the default installation (Pentium 32bit executable) and you have an AMD 64bit CPU, try this out.

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