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I was hard for me to play, I guess I suck :) It would be easier if the character could shoot while jumping. But I loved the idea of going through classic Nintendo games, it made me want to see what the next level would be. Excellent idea.
I've played this game through several times and it's still quite fun. I like seeing all the levels from the old NES games and the selection of music fits each level nicely. There are a few glitches and irritating aspects but overall a great game.
Nice side scroller, but I found it a little lacking. Nothing happens when you hit the question marks. If you land on the enemies you die (in Mario you could). I realize this isn't Super Mario, but if you're going to use their graphics it would be nice if something happens and some of the original actions worked. Some improvment in enemy movement would be nice as well. A nice effort anyhow, could be so much better with some extra work though. I loved the concept.
Has alot of Nintendo classic scenes! Great game!! *Thumbs up*
Great game for us old-skool NES players! Too bad you can't run and shoot at the same time, but still a fun game.
Now that's something... All my friends hate it, but I kinda like it. The idea's not bad and the levels and the music are chosen with taste.
Very good game !!! I loved Nintendo too ! One problem : we can't shoot while we're jumping : what a pity. Moreover collisions aren't very just sometimes. But it's an excellent game.
********** by kdevil
Fantastic game. I really loved that last level, and any game that lets you shoot Mario is bound to be good ;)
******** by Ultio
This game is really fun. A good idea! The only problem I had with it was that when running in windows fullscreen it would show me two screens of what I was doing... it kind of doubled over. :) Other than that - keep up the good work.

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