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Depot: Chaos Funk


Looks very professional! It is really awesome.
******** by amber
Very fun, and addictive, too! I liked the little sound effects, and even though I found the graphics a bit rough (I guess perhaps just a bit too retro for my liking) the game still felt very polished.
This game has saved me from many hours of boring courses. Very fun to play with a few friends.
********** by Tomoso
I never played the origonal but I recently bought some old retro mag for ideas of games to remake and this was in there. As I was reading about it I found myself really wanting to play it, and finding this was more than I could ask for! Its so addictive and fun! I love it :)
An interesting and addictive turn-based stratergy game where your wizard does battle with other wizards that can cast spells. Keeps calling you back for more. Well presented (for a ZX Spectrum remake), but could have been better if it went beyond being a ZX Spectrum remake.
This game is pretty addicting :) I really like the game, it's fun to play and it also has this addicting "just one more game" appeal. Combine this with the neat scaling routines and you have a winning combination.
This game is a must play! It never ceases to surprise you.
********** by phate
*Drools* I love Chaos Funk! I'm always waiting for the next release. Great Game! Great Job Richar Phipps! ;D
********** by JaTeR
yay! chaos funk! lets see, um.. well, the graphics rock (neato vectorizatio), and the sounds are cool, mm.. and as soon as all the features are added it will be a kickass game! especially if you loved the game when you were younger (i'd never heard of it.. :P)

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The Developer
Richard Phipps
Richard Phipps (View Profile)