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Depot: Atomic Butcher


Atomic Butcher's gameplay is amazing. It reminds me of the '90s platformers such as Alien Carnage, Abuse, etc... The plot is simple but surprisingly holds your attention. The graphics are top notch for this genre and won't dissapoint. The sound and music are good too! Download it now! 10/10!
Great graphics, very cool menu presentation, heck I even liked watching the credits! Music is about a 9.5 out of 10, graphics a 9 out of 10, sound is 8 out of 10, but overall a 9 out of 10. Can't wait to play it some more :)
********* by OICW
Excellent game, very well made Fallout like story. I love this game because it's fun to play it, music makes great atmosphere and everything what Butcher say in game is very funny...
******** by Milo
quite good gameplay. atomic butcher is taking me back to 90' when I was playing on my Amiga 1200. game is crashing in vault level (this is annoying; 5 games 5 crashes)
Excellent platformer! Well done and bug-free. Great music and interesting story. The only annoying thing is that the game state is only saved at the end of each level... and the levels are very long!
A very good game, but the attempts at humour/attitude are somewhat annoying. The music is too depressive and repetitive, and the jumping is excessive. Maybe I'm getting too old. :(
********** by Zaphos
It's nostalgic fun done well! The game has a great sense of humor, style, and atmosphere.
********** by kentl
One of the best games to date on! Very fun, i have played it on all my free time for a couple of days now. I love the explosions, even though they could always be bigger!
This game is great, can't wait to see the final version! Running around killing things is always fun, and with lots of needless gore and guns is even better. With a little more polish and refinement, this could be even better. Nice job! (releasing the source would be great as well ;) )
Wonderfully gross combination of Fallout, Postal and a lot of blood. Probably the goriest 2D platformer I've ever played, and I love it!
some enemies demand great skills
some enemies demand great skills
The Developer
DasHumankapitalActually, DasHumankapital is a two-person-crew. Both of us are CS students in Austria. We released our first freeware game 'Atomic Butcher'. Currently, we are working on our next title, which shall remain behind the curtain of silence. (View Profile)