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Depot: Alex the Allegator 4


master piece, amazing art, and what i love the most is how small size the game is
Alex makes me smile :) The 'limitations' create a nice effect and are done right to make an entertaining game.
It's awsome, gameplay, graphix, and music !
Just finished playing this on my GP2X, it ran rather well aside from minor skipping (which caused me to die a few times), and aside from a few other bugs I ran into it was definetely and enjoyable and well written game.
******** by emilb
Very well done, I saw no problems with this game. It's easy to learn and fast to play. One problem I have is that I get headaches but that's just me... I get it from any game of this type, such as megaman or super mario as well.
********** by vixinu
Great game, can't beat the 6th level, but great! Grafix are neat, and for this game improve it!
one of my favourite platform games ever. fun gameplay, challenging and doesn't get boring
The style is certainly interesting, but I'm not sure if it's really necessary to imitate a Game Boy, the limitations of which have always grated. Nonetheless, the game is very good fun and the chip music is nostalgia-inducing.
Too simple for today but somehow quite fun! Brought back a lot of memories:)
******** by Rick
I don't enjoy the style, but everything about the game is well done. Looking at the code almost made me go blind though.
This is Good Game and source code free. Only need option for color jejeje
Strange how it's supposed to play like a Game Boy game but ends up feeling new and fresh, you know? Alex 4 is lovable--down to the last pixel.
********** by drew
If there's any game in the Depot which deserves five starts, it's this. Everything about this game, from the music to the graphics to the gameplay to the map editor, screams excellence. The faux Game Boy style is pulled off brilliantly and takes me back ten years. Wonderful.
Simple and fun. Such is the style of Johan's games.
Alex4 is fun, playable, and really hits the spot if you're looking for a game that you can come back to, much like the old Super Mario.
Awesome game. I couldn't stop playing it. Music was great, didn't get annoying, and had just the right amount of difficultly to it. Great job!
Once again Johan has made a very very excellent game. Not only did he make a great game for us to play, but he also released the source code so that we may learn from it. Wicked job Johan, congratz on another awesome release.
The framebuffer linux port plays smooth like a silk. Excellent game!
I love it. Although this game is clearly heavily influenced by mario and other nintendo classics it has plenty of original elements. I especially liked the level design, the later levels are little works of art. ... gameplay is everything!
********** by Rash
This polished game is more than just the sum of its parts; by combining a few gameplay ideas with a professional design, Johan Peitz clearly demonstrates to have mastered the art of game programming to satisfying effect. A Stayer.
Great game!!!! Too bad it doesn't have a port to linux...
Great little game. A lack of color makes seeing some thing (like cannons) tricky, but still looks good. Gameplay is old-school Mario/Megaman, and levels are well designed with a nice difficulty curve. The bosses are fantastic. Short, but not if you're going for 100% items. The music fits very well.
A slick game, and you know it!
Alex 4 is very professionally done and quite enjoyable. The map editor and the unlockable mini-game are nice bonus treats for those who like extras. Looks great. Sounds great. Plays great.
This game is awesome. It's gameplay is so simple yet so fun. The graphics rival those of commercial Gameboy games. The music and sounds are Gameboy-esque but not annoying. Excellent!
Brilliant fun, and a perfect learning curve. I never knew so much could be achieved with 4 colours... Bravo
Presented very well, easy to get into and play. Excellent for what it tries to be, but would be even more fun on a portable system...
A bit lame, but sort of addictive.
Amazing game!!! The engine is very solid and all the elements of the stage fit the moves of Alex!!! I´m waiting for the final version... AlexKidd2099 (Brazil) ":D
Nice little game with gamebox look and feel :) You can run, jump and roll, there're lots of hidden goodies you can only get with some thinking. The game is great... and it's not even finshed yet :)
********** by nowiz
This game was fun! Love that Game Boy-feeling! Keep up the good work!

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Lola is kidnapped!
Lola is kidnapped!
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