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SiegeLord has rated 16 projects with an average score of 6.31
all purpose pattern generator   *****
A very nice demo of the various patterns. I enjoyed the curvy feel of the blue set of patterns. The grass set was also nice. This utility would benefit from an ability to save these images, and to make tiled textures. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite follow the code to extract the algorithm you used.
Ashes   ****
icon Reasonably good for a speedhack game. I found the speed to be to fast (timing issues most likely). Also, it was annoying that the shot could not go above the top edge of the screen. AI was sort of poor too. Still, I liked the various eye candy sprinkled about.
Atomic Tanks   *********
icon A wonderful Scorched Earth clone. It has a nice selection of weapons and special items. The bots are interesting on all difficulty levels. I wish things were a little more varied (in terms of tank and missile pictures). Also, it'd be nice if it had music. Overall, it was highly enjoyable.
BIG GUNS (The Battleship Simulator)   **********
This is an amazing game! I love the music and sound effects. The graphics help set up this unique naval atmosphere that draws you into the action. Selection of weapons is big, and the AI poses a good challenge. I especially like the ability to tweak many parameters from within the game.
Blaster   ****
icon This game will certainly provide endless hours of mindless wandering. I wish there were more sound effects. That being said, the music was rather nice.
Checkers   ********
Very polished, though the background and checkers are dull looking. The voiceover is nice. The AI is beatable at easy difficulties, but challenging at higher difficulties. The hint system is good, although it sometimes gets into loops. Wish there was music, and a windowed option. Good game overall.
Creepy Crawlers   *******
Hah, a very enjoyable game. It was a little too hard, as I couldn't get past the second level though. I liked the graphics, and thought the damage effects on your ship were a nice touch. Sounds were good too. Overall, a hard but nonetheless worthy Asteroids clone. Good job.
Drill Garanz   *******
icon A nice game that offers some frenzied gameplay! It was nice that the difficulty increase was very gradual, allowing for longer games. Graphics are good, although right half of the screen is a tad barren. Wish there was some sound. Also wish you could see the highscores chart from the main menu.
Fish a lot   *******
icon A very nice and entertaining game. It would benefit from having some sound, and much more importantly, a high score table. Some additional visual feedback when you destroy the fish would be nice too.
FlowVis2D   *******
icon A nice program, the effects are rather pretty. Also, it was easy to modify the program to plot your own v-fields too, due to the modular design. I had some issues compiling it on 64bit Linux, but not excessively so. It'd be nice if you used OpenMP or something to speed it up on multicore systems.
K-nion   *******
icon Graphics were awesome. Powerups were reasonably varied, but a little hard to make out what they were before using them. I found the handling to be very hard, as your car did not have tires and tended to turn too much at low speeds. Bots were a little too hard for my taste as well. Not a bad game.
Mad Bomber   ****
icon An okay bomber clone. It'd be nice to have original graphics/music. Also, it did get somewhat boring after awhile... more powerups might help. I'd give this a 3, but this gets a whole extra half-star because you can blow up Barney, with his head flying off in the process. Yeah...
Mines for MadMan   ***
Basically, a minesweeper with a scrollable playfield. The idea is nice, but the rest of the game is poorly implemented. I couldn't figure out how to win OR lose, as the game timer kept going no matter what I did. I enjoyed the weird noise when you try to save the game though, a nice touch.
Mouse Mash   ******
icon The presentation is great. It was annoying to have to glance back at the bottom of the screen to see what color I was firing, especially in fullscreen mode. Also, the cheese bonus has no cheese in it... Otherwise, the game is fun, if a tad repetitive. Adding a teaser screen would be nice too.
Nasty Green Aliens   ****
Very basic gameplay. I liked the graphics, but the background was a bit too plain. I thought that the stages got hard a bit too rapidly for my taste. Sometimes the ship dies during spawning on the higher stages, which was annoying. Also, it does not have a highscore table.
Squish   *********
icon Awesome game! It was a tad short, and I couldn't figure out how to use the map editor (is it even enabled?). Also, it'd be nice for the red guys not to do the dance of death while falling. Custom font would be nice too. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it, especially the latter puzzles. Great job.
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