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Pavel Hilser

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Pavel Hilser has rated 8 projects with an average score of 7.88
a-maze   *****
icon Nice idea, but if the menu isn't in english, you better do none. I was a like blind man, hoping the first button starts and the last exits :D
Kaiser   ********
icon Cool effects and nice particle system. Hard to control the ship - thats why its only good, not perfect. When in fire, it's hard to get out of it, but thats what asteroid style game is :-/ Id estroyed the first boss and have to say, really nice work done ;)
Liquidpaint   ********
icon Entertaining and refreshing. I liked this piece. Good work! :)
Overgod   **********
icon Well, your game is excellent. Too bad it's too hard to play, cause I like the graphics and game mood. You did really well, it reminds me of tron, but not as to be a copy of, but as it's really inovative and completely new (unseen) game graphics style.
Pikselz   *********
the only thing missing is some music and SOUND ! Adding some sound effect to the player's action (building, commands - spoken?) and you have perfect game.. I played it twice and found no problem. The idea is cool and the gameplay too. The AI is refreshing, not many games have it's own opponent.
Poeng   ******
icon well, good work, but it's impossible to play it for me as there is no chance to predict the movement of the ball.. No idea what bricks it will hit, as the gravity complicates all a bit ... :-/
PuffBOMB (Prototype)   ********
icon Great simple graphic and excellent sound.
Raid'em   *********
icon Well, good work. The game is great. There is a lot of trash - maybe it could fade away, instead of flying all the screen length :-/ But everytime I' ve played, it crashed after some minutes - with XP warning error. Anyway, one of the best games here, that's for sure ;)
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