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Mars has rated 32 projects with an average score of 6.69
Air-Strike   ********
pretty nice -- Who's responsible for the German translation?! :D It's far too literal. We also say Level, Wave, High-Scores...
Alix   ******
Very nice! Add some more actual game play, a story and make those baddies less violent and you have a really nice game! However, I had to tweak the source a little to let it compile with MinGW32 - it's a little unportable (no big deal).
Bubble Pop   ********
was fun for some time
Bubbles   ******
This is similar to Free Lunch Design's "Pop'em". But Pop'em is more difficult and much nicer to look at with better fx and a cooler gui. Though this game is ok.
Cool Columns   ******
an OK collums-clone
Dr. Strange   ******
Working Dr Mario, not more, not less - ok for speedhack
Firecrow   ********
great work, but sadly only one level
Galaxian!   ******
OK, but even the old original on MAME is more fun
Gem Connectors   ********
pre_alpha_8 looks and sounds very nice. The gameplay is really not simply a Tetris Attack or Collums clone, but something new. Unfortunately the keyboard reacts to sensitive. Once finished, this game will kick ass!
GLURBZ   ********
good work
Light Breaker 32   ******
Good atmosphere, but I somehow don't get it, i.e. I don't get further than level 2.
Molefest   ******
A nice variation of the classic "pipes"-concept. On my old 486 I've played dozends of these games. The intro, menu and graphics are very nice. the game itself is too hard because the playfield is too small.
Panda 2   ********
I don't know, why the panda can't stop :), but the graphics are really cute (though there is no sound) and the game is very challenging. It's Fun.
Peace Invaders   ********
icon Insanely cool animated graphics, a lot of very nice detail in combination with rather dull gameplay. Maybe add some resistance of the bad vibe merchants? The numbers count in the wrong direction... Very nice work, all in all!
Rocket Duel   ********
icon That's really fun! But out of some reason firing was impossible after some time. Gfx and Sfx are good too. A system using angles and trig would be better rhan this 8-dir thing. Hope there'll be a LevelEditor
Rocket Duel   ********
icon Windows version is better (sound etc.). New levels are great ( especially the sheep :). And the firing problem is solved! Hooray!
RTL - realtime lighting demo   ********
nearly no game, but damn cool lighting fx
Sopwith   ******
It looked promising, but I have been unable to steer my ship. The reason for which is simple: You have choosen keys that are located completely differently on my German keyboard. Even with a lot of effort, I was unable to find the US locateion of < or >. Why don't you simply use cursor keys?
Terrain Simulator   ********
A very nice toy. A safe option could be useful; the rotated 3d view sometimes doesn't sorth the depthes right. Otherwise it seems to be very well done.
tessera   ********
icon Good Connect-4-game. To be optimized heavily :). However, it's nice at 400x300, too. Sometimes the token-alignment is jerky. Looks and feels good and is hard to win.
Vigilante   ******
icon Yes graphics and sound and engine are great. Everything is smooth and beautyful. My problem is the concept of the game itself - that'S not very fun, just walking around and beating erverything that moves. Also is to hard for me.
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