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Kristoffer Relling

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Kristoffer Relling has rated 11 projects with an average score of 7.09
Zep's Dreamland   **********
icon Gorgeous! It's fun (entertaining!) and has clever levels, suitable sfx and great music-tracks in it -- all in one! I dunno, Matthew; but I feel that the various midis like Crono and DC kinda suits the game well.. =^.^=
Proyecto maya   **
icon Seems to be good-looking, but please remember that most of us doesn't speak Spanish (or whatever!) -- Please add English-support to your game because I would love to understand what I play.. :)
Duel 2   **********
icon Duel 2 is pumped with a lot of fun for just about everyone. The game features quite some game-modes that makes the game more "enjoyable" -- Very fun to play 1 player games as well as playing against a friend (read: foe!) Nice graphics & everything! A well-worth download! :)
Panda 2   ********
A quite entertaining puzzle-game (really worth the download!) Sweet graphics, however, there are no sound'n'music. Also a confirmation (yes||no) while choosing quit (often by mistake) would be nice to have... *hint-hint* =)
Anthem of Dread   ********
Despite the short demo, I am convinced that this project will end up as a really good game. It both looks pretty and feels pretty. Definately worth the download!
4 hours?! Ok! I believe it. Quite fun in the start, but boring after 10-15 mins *yikes* I gave the game `3-Average' because of the short time.. BTW, I passed to level 4 ^_- v3.0??
Glizda   ********
Glizda is a very good game, indeed! Perhaps not the best piece of software around, but offers a good amount of fun. It's well worth a download if you like these kinds of games! I especially liked the level/episode-editor which is included. Good work!!
Blocks+   **********
icon This is probably the best (and challenging) puzzle game I have tried for eons (*months*) and best of all: it is both stylish, -and- it got atmosphere. Too bad that most of todays games is missing atmosphere :-( You still reading?? Then go press that darn DOWNLOAD-button immediately =)
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