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    Old Breakout clone I made for my girlfriend after playing it on her palm pilot. Its an old game I did a while back, but i never put on this site before. It has bugs, but i dont care cuz i dont plan on working on since its a dead project. Have fun with the ...
  • Ever wanted to dunk? Well this is your time to shine! Tell Michael Jordan to get out of your way! He never had dunks like this before. Don’t like dunking eh, how about showing off that sweet jumper? In this lil rainy day game, you can do both. It has its ...
  • This is one addictive game! An original death match game. The objective is simple; kill your opponent, while surviving the battle arena. It’s a very simple and fun game. It’s preferred that 2 joysticks are used, but since most people don’t have 2 ...
  • This is a small chat program, thats it. The title says it all...Jus Chattin. I only made it for netowrk learning purposes. Get it from the networking part of my webpage
  • Old platform game I made in highschool. It was here before, got taken down, but its back, and its better than ever! Okay, its the same thing, no changes, not even re-complied. I just found the old zip file and decided it should go back on the site.
  • My scroll and game engine tester. I basically used the KaBlammyman engine, but improved it. This game was to help me learn better programming techniques. I heavily commented the source to help others learn. If you wanted the kablammyman source, this is ...
  • Finally a racing game done with allegro! Its an old RC-PRO AM style overhead racer. This is not some demo where you drive around some half drawn map, but an actual race game. There’s a lot of cool stuff in this game, but to learn more goto my website. ...
  • The best Allegro Racing game is back, with a whole new attitude! If you liked the first version, this one will knock your socks off!! A game that is true to the arcades, with a game play that will leave you wanting more! Dont get mad at me when you get ...
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