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  • ABPS   *****
    icon ABPS is a game I made for the ideahack contest. It's a 2-player simultaneous pinball simulation.
  • icon Allefant was my entry to the SizeHack 2000. I never got around to finishing it though.
  • icon My BlitzHack entry. Not really much playable, given it was done in a few hours. But maybe I'll be doing some more levels and some features.
  • icon This was my entry to the ludum dare prepration 4.8 hours compo. Its a quite complete robotron clone. And it uses some nice, additively blended OpenGL explosions.
  • Donkey  
    icon Donkey was my entry to the SpeedHack 2001.
  • icon This was a little test game I did some time ago with the BeOS GameKit, and now ported to Allegro. It's sidescrolling shooter, all gfx are made of blocks and sounds are only synthesized.
  • icon My Speedhack 2002 B entry. Quite a simple game, but why not add it here as well? :)
  • icon FRUITworm is a small game I wrote for the pixelate contest. It's just a digger clone, but with nicer music :)
  • icon Recently there was a link to in the news, so I went there, and there just started a competition, with Allegro one of the allowed libraries to use. Needless to say, I couldn't resist and started hacking together a small ...
  • icon This was my TINS 2003 entry. Never got around to modify (as I had planned) or upload it. So now I at least uploaded it.
  • icon Peace Invaders was my SpeedHack 2002 entry. I wanted to make a space invaders clone, but it's not.
  • SIC  
    icon SIC was a little game I made for the pixelate contest.
  • icon This is a remake of the game Sword of Fargoal, created by Jeff McCord in 1982.
  • icon Higher RESOLUTION (320x240 Pixel instead of 256x192!) More COLORS (Full 8-bit mode, 262144 color palette instead of 256 colors!) More NOISE (New 8-bit square-wave generator! [replaced with a sample in 2.01]) True programmers` art GRAPHICS (...!) True ...
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