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Christopher Emirzian

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Christopher Emirzian has rated 14 projects with an average score of 7.64
a-maze   ********
icon Your balls are really slippery :O Uh anyway, it's a neat demo. Add a scoring system and some sound effects for the next version.
Alliance   ********
icon A very nice looking Starcraft-like game. Hopefully the next release will have some gameplay besides 'send ships to blow up the enemy's 2 scouts and base' :)
BlackShift   ********
icon Very well designed puzzles. Programmer's art, but oh well. Sound effects could use work. Level editor was confusing. The control could use some work, I found myself accidently running into things that would kill me. And there were alot of them.
Crystal Chaos   **********
icon Johnny13, you retard. Your crappy computer crashes so you give it a 1. You suck. I downloaded the game and it's pretty fun!
F I E N D   ******
This game looks good, but the gameplay just isn't there. I found myself bored and annoyed with most of it.
Kraptor   ********
icon A decent shooter game, inspired by Raptor. Has alot of different weapons to use, and a good number of enemies to blow to bits. The explosion and sound effects are done well. The bosses seemed to be way overdone, though. The first boss shot patterns are impossible to avoid!
Maximum Overdrive   ********
icon Great graphics and sound, looks very promising.
Meteor   ******
This game could be so much better if it weren't for some terrible gameplay flaws. You can only aim in the direction you are facing, and all the enemy bullets hit you instantly. It doesn't look very pretty, either.
Panda 2   ********
A simple yet very challenging puzzle game :) Very nice graphics and style. Give this one a try!
Raid'em   *******
icon The graphics and sound effects are very nice. However, it's hard to keep track of the bullets. Make them bright blue/white with glowing effects around them! Also, I'm not too fond of any shooters with a health bar. To me it just means you can't play it seriously.
Tetanus On Drugs   ********
Oh God .. it's tetris mixed with a rotozoomer and pallete animation. I'm gonna be sick! :O
Vavoom   ********
icon Great source port, very fun for DOOM freaks like me :P
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