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Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

  • Internet Explorer found out that he's not relevant anymore, so he goes BACK IN TIME to help old Internet Explorers gain amazing market share during the Browser Wars, but has to watch out and dodge evil Netscapes and Mozillas on his way or he'll ...
  • Sell boiled corn on a beach!
  • Ensure that the computer is fine! Based on a real story from Slavic Game Jam 2016
  • Your spaceship is being sabotaged! Someone is messing with control systems. The keys used to control your spaceship change randomly after some time. Don't lose control!
  • Evil doctor von Wissenschäftler strikes again! He once again built a weapon that puts whole humanity into danger! Discover what he's up to and prevent him from executing his evil master plan!
  • The crazy scientist from the future went back in time! But his time machine broke! He found some pieces of ancient technology to fix his time machine! But he needs to keep them all running together! Put coal to Atari, blow on the Pegasus ...
  • A metal opera and game combo, based on Polish poetry (Adam Mickiewicz's Dziady Part II). Uses Polish language.
  • Fajer  
    Fajer is an educational action adventure by Smaldos Productions about a hard life of an emergency rescuer, full of hard questions about the existence, ambiguous moral choices and uneasy emotions. Think twice which trampoline you're going to jump ...
  • HIT ME  
    Just hit me.
  • A game where you just attend your standard, typical game jam You fight with other participants using musical instruments.
  • Duckopocalypse! A local multiplayer game for as many players as many buttons you have around! Each player is a duck, and there's a crown. You have 60 seconds - after that, the player with the crown on their head wins! Ducks are moving ...
  • You're a teenage kid who's been grounded for Internet. Sneakily call the dial-up and browse the World Wide Web, but don't let your family discover it when they want to make a phone call!
  • Detective Jack got a new case to solve. He's going to investigate love.
  • As the personification of faith in reconciliation, become the impersonal mediator and prevent various conflicts from getting escalated! Face siblings fighting for a lollipop, football fans and superpowers on the verge of a nuclear conflict. How long ...
  • Two alarm clocks, Now and Then, play with the time by playing with the ball! Bounce the ball using your clock hands and see the effect of your play on the park nearby. Featuring the unique Dynamic Critter Generator™
  • Huginn had a little adventure with his Pendolino train when trying to arrive at Sensei Game Jam 2016, so we held a game jam in our trains to make a game about him. This is Pchnijdolino, where you're Huginn who's trying to recruit people to ...
  • Evil record label representatives want to turn your awesome single into radio edit. Thankfully, your facemelting guitar skills mean that you won't give up your artistic integrity so easily!
  • Once upon a time there was a little drone named Bobby. Long story short, he now wants to learn how to move like a spider. Go to the Spider Disco to check out why and to help him reach his dreams (without spilling too much blood)!
  • SUPER. SHOD. SUPER. SHOD. The most innovative nothing I've played in years! The greatest disappointment since No Man's Sky! SUPER. SHOD. SUPER. SHOD.
  • You are on a rather awkward date with the Unknown. You have to keep the conversation running by drawing spells that will help you gather courage to answer questions and literally warm up the atmosphere by making the candle light bigger.
  • You're the TICKLE MONSTER! You tickle kids to ensure they are raised with proper amounts of fun!
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