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PiotrXXv2 has rated 11 projects with an average score of 8.09
AirForce   *********
icon I like old school graphics and sounds. The idea of the game is simple - control the plane and shoot your enemies. Easy steering, great fun. The only weird thing is that you can crash your plane by hitting a boat.
Board Games   ********
icon Nice. Requires thinking. I like the concept.
Castle Adventure   *******
icon Nice graphics (especially look of characters), easy interface. The castle looks a little bit empty. I recommend the game to everyone who likes easy adventure games.
Cylindrix   *******
Nice old-school 3D graphics. Good enemies' AI. Many game modes. As for small disadvantages, vehicle control is a little bit hard. Also, the game looks quite abstract. Not everyone would like that.
Dune Smasher   ********
Nice graphics and sounds, easy steering, interesting weapons. Very relaxing game, especially if you want to destroy something.
Fireworks   *********
Simple and addicting game. I like the idea very much.
Gravastar   **********
Excellent shooter with many ships and weapons. Nice multiplayer and good AI of bots. I recommend the game to everyone.
No One Shoots Forever   ********
icon Very relaxing game with nice music and graphics. Many game options like mouse sensitivity, screen resolution and targets. A small disadvantage is that you cannot save level, which you have achieved (or i just couldn't find that option).
Paper Ranger Quest 2008   *********
icon Nice 3D graphics. Strange but interesting plot. A lot of fighting (using many weapons). Level and model editing options are big advantage. One drawback is that characters move too slow. To sum up, very good job. Respect to developer.
Radish Mayhem   *******
Sweet graphics and sounds. I like the simple idea of the game. Unfortunately it gets boring quickly. There are several language mistakes in "how to play" option.
Rail Blaster   *******
Interesting retro style. Respect that the game was created in such a short time. For me it was difficult to take control over the train.
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