Stores the detected type of the OS.


extern int os_type;
Set by allegro_init() to one of the values:
      OSTYPE_UNKNOWN    - unknown, or regular MSDOS
      OSTYPE_WIN3       - Windows 3.1 or earlier
      OSTYPE_WIN95      - Windows 95
      OSTYPE_WIN98      - Windows 98
      OSTYPE_WINME      - Windows ME
      OSTYPE_WINNT      - Windows NT
      OSTYPE_WIN2000    - Windows 2000
      OSTYPE_WINXP      - Windows XP
      OSTYPE_WIN2003    - Windows 2003
      OSTYPE_WINVISTA   - Windows Vista
      OSTYPE_OS2        - OS/2
      OSTYPE_WARP       - OS/2 Warp 3
      OSTYPE_DOSEMU     - Linux DOSEMU
      OSTYPE_OPENDOS    - Caldera OpenDOS
      OSTYPE_LINUX      - Linux
      OSTYPE_SUNOS      - SunOS/Solaris
      OSTYPE_NETBSD     - NetBSD
      OSTYPE_IRIX       - IRIX
      OSTYPE_DARWIN     - Darwin
      OSTYPE_QNX        - QNX
      OSTYPE_UNIX       - Unknown Unix variant
      OSTYPE_BEOS       - BeOS
      OSTYPE_MACOS      - MacOS
      OSTYPE_MACOSX     - MacOS X

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