Obtains a list of available video modes.


Attempts to create a list of all the supported video modes for a certain graphics driver, made up from the GFX_MODE_LIST structure, which has the following definition:
      typedef struct GFX_MODE_LIST
	 int num_modes;
	 GFX_MODE *mode;
      } GFX_MODE_LIST;
The mode entry points to the actual list of video modes.
      typedef struct GFX_MODE
	 int width, height, bpp;
      } GFX_MODE;
This list of video modes is terminated with an { 0, 0, 0 } entry.

Note that the card parameter must refer to a _real_ driver. This function fails if you pass GFX_SAFE, GFX_AUTODETECT, or any other "magic" driver.
Returns a pointer to a list structure of the type GFX_MODE_LIST or NULL if the request could not be satisfied.

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