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Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus is in the works
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November 2000

Heya guys,

first off, this is not really related to Allegro (hence the off-topic), but since our first game, Atomic Butcher, in fact was made with Allegro way back, and this community here was great in basically every aspect, I figured I'd let you all know that we're busy working on a sequel.

It's still WIP and all, but no longer super sekrid, so, here is the website, the teaser trailer can be found on Youtube. Just keep it in the back of your heads, I am going to post once it is on Steam Greenlight, we are going to need your support.

As you can see, we did not really grow up. :P



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January 2003

The music made it sound like it was going to be a slow pace but it turned out to be a fast pace game

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Mark Oates
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March 2001

What are you using to make the game?

Gideon Weems
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October 2003

What are you using to make the game?


The teaser trailer disgusts me. The messages scattered about speak to me on a deep level ("iDentity: Everyone is special," "This game is not appropriate for your mother"). I hope you sell a ton of copies.

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November 2003

Ah the memories :) I should dig up a copy of the first one and finally beat the game, I remember tons of fun with it. Made it to the penultimate level I think and then just stopped playing it. Anyway, good luck with it, keep us posted.

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February 2003

Good job, man.

I'm curious:
If you're not using Allegro, what are you using?
How long have you been working on this project?

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November 2000

Thanks for the comments so far. Yes, indeed, we aim for a much faster pace than the first part (which feels really slow in comparison to me, now that I've picked it up once again).

Basically, we sold our souls to Unity3D. We started the first prototype I think three years ago, which had quite some iterations -- basically the game as it is now is almost completely different to what we had back then. Most things sounded good in theory, but just didn't survive "real users" when we sat them down and asked them to play. As harsh as it was, we killed a lot of our darlings in the process ;).

Back then, Unity had no decent 2D support at all, but luckily there is an asset called 2D Toolkit that's really great. During the development, Unity caught up and added 2D capabilities, but we never made the switch. Don't know if 2D Toolkit is still necessary nowadays, but the tilemap editor alone is great -- which is one of the reasons why we are using Unity3D, at all: the process of design is quite quick with rather short cycles. Just change something in the editor (or pause the game and tweak around a few values, then continue playing immediately).

I know, I'm drifting off now. To sum it up: we both had our share of "rolling our own engine", which is why we were looking for something more high-level that would still allow us to do fancy things if need be. A choice that I did not regret thus far.

We're still doing this mostly for fun, which is why we can be disgusting and offensive 8-)

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