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Bruce Perry
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April 2000

Evert said:

Eh? What? Where do I say that?

I inferred it from the fact that you quoted nonnus29 (who was citing his own personal reasons for never touching drugs), then essentially asked why one (I inferred: he) can't just try it and then stop. Your statement also sounded a bit as if you thought everyone has the power to try it and then stop.

I guess you didn't mean it that way, so I'm sorry for misunderstanding - but hopefully you can see how it might have been a slightly unfortunate choice of quote :)

Derezo said:

Marijuana is a far better alternative to alcohol as a recreational drug. Legalizing Marijuana and increasing restrictions on Alcohol and removing social acceptance of it would be a step in the right direction, I think.

What about the 'passive smoking' element? I would hope it would be restricted the same way cigarettes are in certain countries (e.g. not indoors in public), at the very least. Alcohol at least has the advantage that no one around you is directly affected by the drug itself.

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What about the 'passive smoking' element?

Ah, brings back nice memories of a dog getting high when we were university students :)

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