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Harry Potter Theme Park
Samuel Henderson
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August 2003


Why do you need the monorail?

Well, everyone knows that all the coolest/most successful theme parks have monorails. I would step this up a notch by having the monorail cars load / unload at the hotel and park and then teleport to the destination. In appearance it be a normal monorail car on a normal monrail track. The track would disappear out of the building. I would call it the monoport in fact. The breakdown of this would work is as follows:

1. Either a park patron who is returning to the hotel or a hotel patron who is heading to the park decides to take the monoport.

2. The patron sees a normal looking monorail car and steps inside.

3. After waiting a specified number of seconds the car departs from the station

4. The door opens at the destination almost instantaneously after the departure.

5. The patron things to him/herself "Hot damn that was the fastest monorail ride EVAR!!11"

6. I lean back and smile.

What are the advantages of said monoporting?

1. Unlike allegro threads it will never be derailed ;)

That is possibly the best thing I have seen since Lolcode ;D

Woaaaah... wait... wait... As I read what I have posted I am amazed at my own idea. I am going to put that idea in the vault for now. And perhaps develop some kind of crazy tycoonish game based on it in the future.

Paul whoknows: Why is this thread still open?
Onewing: Because it is a pthread: a thread for me to pee on.

Johan Halmén
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September 2001

Doesn't Johan Peitz have some Free Beer Design company?

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