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Let's see your screenshots
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August 2002

I used to know a guy named Weaver in real life, he was crazy too. Maybe you're related?

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May 2002

I love your pre-rendered look, and those explosion effects are awesome!
I also like the thunderbolts.

I remember that from a programming compo awhile ago. What competition was that? Heh the eyes on the Jalepenos look like something out of reboot, pretty neat.

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May 2002

Killer monkey with big eyeballs:
But you live in Canada right ???
Aside from that, every year the Dallas school district puts together a programming contest for the students to participate in on a voluntary basis. Myself and my best friend won primarily because Allegro is so straight forward to use when making a single-screen jump around game. Also, like I said on the site, all the graphics were done in 3d Studio Max ;)

What's reboot? :o

edit: Harbringer Zero: :o Eat plenty of Broccoli (not fried or Chinese greasy) and try not to make enemies. :-/

Specter Phoenix
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July 2001

The men in my family or women for that matter haven't been crazy. My father was murdered other than that my uncles are still alive. Let's see the men in my family--my mom's dad died of a heart attack, my dad's father died of a heart attack, and my father was murdered so I've got a good chance that I'm not going to like the way I dies when I'm old if I make it to be older (father was murdered when I was 9 yrs old and I think he was in his 30s or 40s).

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November 2000


I manually entered my username and password (vgdes2000 *********) which should have brought up Harbinger ZERO...odd part is if you are logged in and click members (at least for me) it brings up your profile editing option and when I clicked it last night it brought up the log in screen so I entered vgdes2000 and my password thinking it would show Harbinger ZERO so I went to forums and posted last night.

Your account is broken.
Unless Inphernic is right and you're making this up (which frankly I'm tempted to believe).

Dark Nation
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November 2001
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Zelda Classic - A clone of the Legend of Zelda for the 8-bit NES. Also, includes a quest editor to make your own quests. The quests are not limited to the original tileset or palette. Some of the quests that people have made are VERY nice. Currently run in DOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Currently looking for OS X testers. Go to for more info. I'm not the original programmer, but I'm one of the two current ones.

Morten Bendix
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June 2001

Trumgottist: I'm pretty bad at staying up to date on anything... so it's probably just me :). Looking forward to play it.

Chris Katko
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January 2002

Sure, what the heck. (see attachment)

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April 2000

Here's an actual screenshot. Its an old abandoned project of mine, Lords of War, which I've recently started working on again, though I'm only just cleaning up the code at the moment.


Bruce Perry
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April 2000


My father was murdered other than that my uncles are still alive.

Your father was one of your uncles? Your mother's brother then? Uh I mean sorry to hear that. :-/

Screenshot of my current project attached.

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April 2000

BP: Looks good!

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February 2002

Here're some shots of my current project:

small1.PNG [/url]

small2.PNG [/url]

small3.PNG [/url]

I think I deserve a cookie for bothering with thumbnails...

Richard Phipps
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November 2001

That looks a VERY interesting game there James. How does it play? :)
(Oh, you might want to paste the full pics as JPEG's though.)

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March 2004

James Lohr: the pics look nice :)
BTW are you using Hippy's Trip's graphical engine?

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February 2002


How does it play?

It's a turn based strategy game that plays a bit like a cross between Heroes III and Advance Wars. Like Heroes III, you control heroes which carry units (in this case cards) around with them. Unlike Heroes III and more like Advance Wars, battles will happen over a period of many turns and may involve many heroes.

The essence of the game will be the dynamics of these battles which have the major twist of being played on a surface (like a platformer). On top of this the whole world rotates after each turn, causing heroes and buildings to fall into the sky under certain conditions (There will be a "fairy dust"-like critical resource required to keep things from falling).


BTW are you using Hippy's Trip's graphical engine?

Yes and no. In actual fact Hippy's Trip uses an early version of this game's graphics engine. I started making this game long before the SH competition and then when SH 2004 came along I decided to rip what I had so far of this engine. The engine is now far superior to the version used in Hippy's Trip, with tessellation for real time lighting, better culling, dynamic texture loading and loads of other stuff. I've been working much on the games GFX, so the GFX engine is capable of a lot more than what's seen in the screenshots.

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