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Depot: Zombiepox


Funny game that is fun to play. I enjoy the style, music, and sounds.
Amazing, very original and well-polished. One of the best I've seen in the arcade category!
********* by Kikaru
Awesome game! A little awkward in parts, but very nice. I first saw this game about 3-4 years ago. :)
Well Done! It's a hard game to win, because I find myself enjoying turning people into zombies.
It's incredible how one of the best Allegro games I've played is a speed hacked game. Simple, but I got addicted to it.
Yet another good offering from Free Lunch Design, though you may question where he got that big box of brains....
Fun idea and impressive presentation for such a short development time, but gameplay is lacking and zombies frequently get stuck.
Taking into account that this was made for a speed hacking contest, it's quite good. It has some glitches, though. Gameplay is pretty simple, and I wasn't able to quit the program - it froze on the exit screen. I'd give it 5 stars in the speed hacking contest, but compared with full fledged games on the depot, it doesn't look so good anymore.
It is a very fun game, but it doesn't last very long. Gameplay, sound and gfx is good, but it lacks the level design needed for longer interest.
(ver 1.1) It's a short and simple game; the sort that's fun to play for a few minutes while you waste time. I found the first few levels very easy, but what I assume is the last level ('it ends tonight') extremely hard. I like the game, but it could probably benefit from a few extra features.
I like the idea and the game is very difficult in the higher levels. Well done.
******** by Zaphos
Not quite as tweaked in terms of learning curve as Icy Towers, perhaps, but it's a fun game with an interesting premise. A solid mini-production.
****** by kentl
Good presentation, altough more variaty would be nice. And the sound effects are not good at all, ear splitting is well phrased to desribe them.
**** by MickyD
Decent game with very little depth to it. I like the idea, but I don't like some of the bugs and horrible ear splitting sounds.
Zombiepox is an addictive little game. Amusingly frustrating as one stealthy Zombie poisons the half of your population you thought was safe. The bright red PJs are a nice touch on a well polished (considering it's in beta) game.
The title screen.
The title screen.
The Developer
Johan Peitz
Johan PeitzMmmm... Video games! (View Profile)