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kick ass game! and the project is still active, i've downloaded the game and was last updated in 2010!
Excellent gameplay, good weapon selection, nice unlockables, very Treasure-esque. My nitpicks are that the graphics are a bit TOO retro, and don't do enough to distinguish stuff that's in the player's plane from stuff that's outside of it, and I can crash it often by choosing weapon 2, then 6.
There is potential here, the product is not bad, kind of derivative, and honestly, they want REAL money for this?
I love this game. The levels are all interesting and engaging no matter how many times I play it. There are plenty of options and settings to keep me occupied. Definitely worth the $15 for the full version.
Wow, great gameplay and audio-visuals, with a nice retro feel. For a commercial game, the graphics are not that great, though. The game crashed after printing "Simulation complete" (or similar) message, so I can't give it more than four.
The game is really cool, it feels just like a real arcade machine game!
Excellent shoooter, very polished. The graphics are neat, albeit seemingly lo-res.
Incredible game, I'm so addicted. Too bad I don't have a credit card...
This game can only be described in one word: kickass. Or is that two? The gameplay and the graphics go together wonderfully, and the music adds the special touch. I can't find anything wrong with this arcade game, and I'm planning on paying the $15 for the entire thing.
********** by Ultio
A game that is professionally done and of high quality. The screen is a little small, but this gives it that fun retro feel. Bullets galore - definitely arcade style. Everything fits together nicely; artwork, sounds, and music. It is quite hard, but is definitely worth the download.
The graphics are cool, its got massive bosses at the end, and it throws an insane amount of badguys and particle effects at one time, but for some reason i couldnt get really "into it".
Great Great game. Alittle frustrating because it is very difficult. But graphically a good looking game, nice weapons / explosion effects. Starting Screen and Menu's are nicely designed. Great job Christopher.
********** by Todd
XOP is shaping up nicely. The graphics, sound, and music are all of excellent quality and the gameplay is top notch. A great game in the making.
Udderdude, your game is amazing. The manic shooting genre has been dying slowly, but it's not going out without a fight. The amount skill this game involves is tremendous. The particle effects are so cool. High regards man!
The game is VERY difficult, but in that fun coin-op way. In fact, this game plays JUST LIKE an arcade machine! My current high score is 238,635 on skill 2 :)
Very entertaining. Everything adds to its fun factor- graphics, music, creative levels, weapon system -and the initial difficulty has good standards. If you find this game too difficult, you've a whole new world to discover. :)
This game has all the things one expects and loves about shooters. The first level is fast, hard, and action packed. Both the music and graphics are very nice too. This is one game I will keep an eye on.
Wow. It reminds me of a old shooter I used to play back in the 286/386 days called Major Stryker. The graphics are great and so is the sound. Can't wait to see more stages.
Shows great potential. At version 0.1, it lacks a few features i.e. more weapons and levels, but a great, flexible looking engine. Nice graphics. The source code would be nice though.
********** by leo
Great shooter! Graphics is great, and the gameplay is challenging :)

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Christopher Emirzian (View Profile)