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Depot: WormHole


This is a nice screensaver and all, and you should take a look, but Beyonce's screensaver was one of the best all time! Also, it takes 100% and continues to do so even when it should not be running.
I liked it! It does just what it is expected to do, and that's very satisfying. However, the animation was quite laggy/jumpy on my PIII 600 MHz; I would have expected a better performance from such a simple demo. But anyway, the beautiful result is definitely worth the trouble.
Fun, Pretty!
Absolutely beautiful
Very very cool... I'm setting it as my new screensaver!:D
This is good! This is really good! I love it! Very professional looking, just like the old school screen savers!
Hey dude this wormhole simulator is awesome, and it's my new screensaver. Thanks. It's a huge coincidence but i also go to Northeastern, i'm a freshman though, but that's crazy you go here too.
This is actually pretty cool! I wasn't expecting it to be but now it's my screensaver and it looks coool!
A captivating screensaver. You get the impression you are travelling through a tunnel lined with stars. This has the potential to be turned into a game where you must fly through this tunnel.
A very cool effect, but it doesn't quite cut it as a Windows screen saver. No options dialog, password settings, or mini-preview.
******** by miran
Very kewl effect. Looks nice and works well as a screensaver but it does tend to crash or freeze the "dektop properties" dialog in Windows...
Very nice. WormHole looks great, and isn't bloated or overdone at all. It's simple and effective.
********** by JaTeR
an excellent screensaver, my only gripe is that after you move the mouse while its in screensaver mode, windows doesn't display your icons for a couple seconds.. and thats no biggy.. good job!
******** by Ultio
This is really awesome. Great effect. Simple, yet, mesmerizing. Unfortunately it crashes upon trying to show the saver in the "Preview" panel within the screensaver setting window. Other than that, this is awesome.
********** by Shade
This really would make a neat screensaver...You can really stare at it for hours.
Would make a great screensaver! A must see.
Click to see! Small image sucks!
Click to see! Small image sucks!
The Developer
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