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Depot: The Project 2


Both of your games have the same problem. Freezing on a keypress so the player ends up walking around in a circle, overly long introductions and the irritating thought that the game might be fun if it actually worked for me.
Very nice, some problems but when you notice the time spent to animation and sound; Very nice.
Nice lighting effects, but too dark overall. AI path finding problems. Why am I shooting what looks like an armoured tank (robot?) with bullets? Why do I have to fight against rats?!? (Ok,so it's better than frogs, but still.) Some nice art, lots of potential, not that much fun currently.
I liked both the sound and the graphics but perhaps not the best music. The gameplay was good, it was really fun running backwards while picking off what sound like warthog piglets... I thought the difficulty was about right.
Very good graphics. Artificial Intelligence needs some help (robots won't go around corners) and it is a little bit too hard - but other than that this game is awesome.
Way 2 hard. 2 narrow rooms. What can i say? With a little more work it will be a very good game.
What can I say? Very good... The game looks very "professional", so I hope that we will see more games written by Thomas... great!!
The Project 2 looks more like a tile engine with lots of potential than a full game. The graphics work well and the level design is great, but in the end, the fiddly controls, AI and length of the game let the show down.
In my opinion, this is one of the best games on Allegro. People! You MUST download this! If you don't, you'll miss out something great! Good graphics, controling, and a so-so plot.
Very impressive technically. The graphics, lights, musics, help immerge in this Quake-like mood. Level 2 may seam a bit dull, but don't let it discourage you. The fixed placement of enemies gives, alas, a short lifetime to the game. One of the rare "free" games i will play again sometimes.

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The Developer
Thomas Grip
Thomas Grip21 year old swedish lad. Gonna study computer sience. Right now I'm workless... (View Profile)