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This is an allegro game legend. Absolutely amazing. This game really deserve to be played. Good graphics, good sounds, some action and a lot of puzzle. This is one of the best indie games I play ever!
Absolutely amazing! The basic logic and player capabilities allow all sorts of interesting puzzles. The graphics, music, and sound affects are fun! A level editor would be nice.
Very good, that's a nice example of how a simple game can be great :D
It's a very nice game. I played for some hours and stoped just when I defeated Mecha. It would be nice if I could get some more levels... LOVED IT!
Great in every way except for the password-based save system, which stinks. Keeping a notebook around to write down passwords feels so 80-ish. :) Please give us a real save system!
Great game! But the 8-digit password is a chore. If the start count must be kept in the password then a simple "save game" function would do it.
This is an extremely well made game. The graphics are superb, and there are many different tilesets. The puzzles are quite creative as well, requiring you to use several different tools and in some cases multiple characters. There is even an interesting boss level in this game!
Great game! Amazing challenges in the different levels! Great graphics! This is very professional.
********** by Ordos
Professional, colourful and slick. This is definitely worth taking a look at. This game is not only complete, its also got a lot of polish. Download it now, you won't be disappointed.
The concept is quite old, but you give it a nice flavour. The gameplay is taught well in the first few levels, and they (the levels) increase in difficulty at an good rate to make a chalanging game. Suitiable for all ages. A great game.
Very good puzzle game. The game play is _very_ chalenging, and the graphics is sweet. This is a classic, indeed.
Challenging puzzles, nice music and solid gameplay!
********** by kdevil
Great game, but the first time I played it the time between when the screen goes blank and when the intro screen appears made me wonder if my computer had crashed.
Very good game ! Excellent gfx. It looks very professional You should add a time constraint for the player
Excellent game, it was very fun. The only problem I have is that you have to press space to get past the intro.. not everyone will get this and think it locked up or something. Use a timer instead so it flows better. Other than that it was a great game.
The Title Screen
The Title Screen
The Developer
Dale M.A. Johnson
Dale M.A. JohnsonMy name is Dale Johnson, and I am a professional animator and graphic artist living in Texas. (View Profile)