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Depot Games: TankZone

Current Version: 1

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site

Category: Action

Developers: Tobi Vollebregt

Number of Players: 2 (Split Screen)

Ports: DOS, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: TankZone is a two player (CPU or human controlled) action game in which you should destroy the enemy tank. You may also capture the green turrets and use them to repair your tank if it's damaged. It is written in C and uses the game programming library Allegro. It's theoretically platform independent but I've only tested DJGPP (DOS) and MSVC (Windows 98) ports of the program.

This is the second game I started after getting in touch with the C programming language and the Allegro game programming library. This was in the year 2000. I used it merely as an experimentation environment for various programming stuff like artificial intelligence, random map generation and lighting in a tilemapped engine.

TankZone features: 3D intro. Pretty good artificial intelligence. Realtime fullscreen lighting. Random map generation. Translucent fire, explosions and smoke. Up to 256 capturable enemy turrets. 9 maps included.


Name Comments Size Date source code and win32 binary 371,914 11/23/2005 9:32 PM
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 4.0
  • 4Why does the game report a framerate of 133 fps but feel like it's running at 5? I don't know if it's due to some bug I happened to stumble upon, but it makes the game unplayable for me. The lack of sound also feels wrong. This is a game that *needs* sound. And music. I'd also like to see the Allegro DLL included in the ZIP. A nice HUD would also improve things. Graphics in general look nice, though, there it just needs some polish.
The Developer
Tobi Vollebregt
Tobi VollebregtI'm a Mechanical Engineering student at the (technical) university of Delft. One of my hobbies is programming. I started in QuickBasic and continued with C and C++ (using Allegro of course). Currently also into OpenGL, with AllegroGL and SDL. (View Profile)