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A tad buggy, yes... it'll sometimes make the ball go at REALLY weird(like almost vertical and stuff) angles. (I got a few thousand that way!) Anyway, as far as I know I'm the only one to have won(A few time both games, TPongMini is easier)... just posting to brag :). But... the game ends then, scoring you as if you had lost!
Surprising how such a small change can make all the difference. The game is still a very basic Pong clone, but the unbeatable AI, and the way the game restarts every time you lose, makes it highly addictive. Bonus points for fun cooperative mode. It would be nice if that mode also had a highscores list and if you could enter longer names.
******** by miran
Good game, very addictive. Looks and sounds OK (although there's no music), only drawback is the gameplay which isn't the best as the racket is a little hard to control and the ball gets to fast too soon so getting a high score depends more on luck than skill...
The best pong clone I've ever seen. Realization is nearly perfect and menus are well drawed. I only regret a lack of optimization in display (only 250 fps on my computer...)
Well, at last a decent pong game, most of them ive seen have had bad collision(i have seen some questionable collison in this game though) and gameplay. Not this one. Also bonus Points for being open source.
Not so bad??? This game is more than excellent. The realization is perfect. I wish Tpong went out first instead of the original version. The idea of an unbeatable A.I. is so fun. What's more, the two player game is not boring at all. Me and my friend spent hours on it. Congratulations ITM.
******** by Shade
Looks nice,moves smooth...THAT BALL GOES FAST =:o ,I like it,Highly addictive.
Not so bad, the controls are good and the game feels very polished. I would like to see the source.

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Screenshot from version 5
Screenshot from version 5
The Developer
ITMI like music and game programming. Oh, I also play tennis. I am a "real" C coder since 2000. (View Profile)