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Depot: Stickdude!


A very minimalistic platformer, but a complete one nonetheless.
Simple Game, Simple Graphics, Simple Fun. I liked the music. ... The End.
Audio and visuals are nice. The stickman could perhaps use a bit more work, but it's pretty funny the way it is, so I kinda like it that way. Gameplay is so-so. It's a bit too straight forward. Maybe some sort of weapon and more enemy variation would help. I don't like how jumping has been implemented. I think I would have preferred shorter, faster jumps with less control while in the air. A silly little thing perhaps, but something just doesn't feel right the way it is.
Excellent games and nice graphics >_>!! I like the theme music and I like most of the enemies!!
****** by kentl
I found this game good! Improvments can be; jump higher with longer keypress, some weapons to pickup, better graphics.. The rest is excellent!
Go Go Stickdude! Miran's review was a little harsh. I say anything that can keep me entertained for more then 15 mintues deserves at least 3 stars. :) I liked this game, add music Eskimo man.
Graphics / animation are nice, for the "hand drawn" style, there are a fair few frames of animation, the guy moves in mid-air which is quite nifty. On the bad side, some enemies are almost the same colour as the background which makes seeing them difficult ("stealth" baddies). The sound is also a little too quiet (is there any?) Mark
**** by miran
I like the hand drawn ms paint gfx style, but then again hand drawn gfx doesn't necessarily have to look that bad. Also the game has some serious issues, for example the enemies are the same colour as some of the tiles which makes it impossible to see them. And the stickdude can jump a bit high which doesn't feel right. As it is, this game doesn't look very professional...
Stickdude in action...
Stickdude in action...
The Developer
Eskimo Ninja
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