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Depot Games: Set Up Us The Bomb !!!

Current Version: 0.8

Project Status: Abandoned

Highest Popularity: #5 during June 2009

Links: Web Site

Category: Arcade

Developers: Bruce Perry, Bob

Ports: DOS, Linux, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: Set Up Us The Bomb !!! is a multiplayer (on one computer) 3D game where you drive around in little hovercraft and drop bombs everywhere, attempting to blow each other up. It was a team effort between Bob, Bob's friend Dgege, CJ, CJ's friend Alberto, and me, for The Allegro Team Competition ( ). Version 0.4, from the competition, was a mess. This release is Version 0.8, and it's a lot more stable and playable than Version 0.4.

- Multiple resolutions
- Multiple languages
- Plusieurs langues
- Multiples idiomas
- Animals from Sheep
- About ten different power-ups (they appear when you smash into the animals)
- Persistent blood
- Rippling water
- Particle explosions blended on the inside but sharp on the outside (see )
- Music played with DUMB
- Really cheesy sound effects
- Artificial stupidity (seriously; there hasn't even been any attempt to make them think yet :P)
- Graphics so real they will kill you ;)

No networking I'm afraid, but I'll try and implement that one of these days...

Enjoy :)

The zip contains DOS and Windows executables, and source code. There are makefiles, but if they don't work, just compile and link all the src/*.c files together (don't use src/misc/runner.c). When compiling, specify 'include' and 'src' as directories to search for include files (that's -Iinclude -Isrc on gcc; capital i, not small L). You need to link with -laldmb -ldumb -lalleg, or -laldmb -ldumb `allegro-config --libs`. (Those are small L, not capital i).

The Windows build requires alleg40.dll. You might already have this file. If not, put it in c:\windows\system or somewhere else that's in the path; that way all Allegro programs can share it, which is the only reason to use a DLL instead of doing a static link.

This information is available at the following URL with hyperlinks:


Name Comments Size Date
alleg40.dll The Allegro DLL 466,439 11/23/2005 9:22 PM The Game 2,528,983 11/23/2005 9:22 PM
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Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 9.0
  • 8This is a fun game, the AI could use work, I agree with that, but come on, the title is really the bomb.
  • 8Great presentation, great theme, wacky sounds and audio. However, without even playable AI there is no gameplay.
  • 10A great game: the graphics, the sound, the gameplay. The only thing that really needs improvement is the rock-stupid AI.
The Developer
Bruce Perry
Bruce PerryA game developer at heart, I have been writing games with Allegro since 1999, and I have unfinished projects aplenty to show for it. I care very much about the quality of my games and what people think of them, so please do leave opinions on this site or send comments to me. I graduated from Cambridge University UK in Computer Science in June 2004. I did Geology in my first year there, which was fun. I took French A-level at school, and as of summer 2003 I am learning Japanese by self-study (while trying not to forget my French). I used to study art, and I still try my hand at it from time to time. I play the piano and compose music. As of August 2004 I am working as a Mini-Games Developer for a very nice company in Cambridge. (View Profile)