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This game is insanely awesome. It's actually the best computer game in existence ever (or very close). 2 Player mode is a must. I just wish it had network for more players and a map editor =)
Very fun game to play with some friends and 1 machine. Single player is fun too, but I can't get past level 2 :P
********** by enric
Not only best allegro game but best multiplayer 2d game ever! I didn't really like 1player game because 2 player is a lot better. This game doesn't get boring like nearly all other games I've tryed. Last, but not least: THANKS for the source code!!! I wonder how you managed to write it: it's so weird with all these arrays jj, j, f, etc. to store data. also, weird variable names but nevertheless, it works!
I really wasnt too fond of this game, the game technically does deserve more than a 3, at least a 4, but the enjoment factor brought it down to a 3. Id give a 3.5 if i could.
A very good looking game. I haven't had a chance to play against an opponent yet, but looks excellent. James - do you think you could have made some more particle effects? There aren't really enough :)
This is a wonderful game! I just love it! So close to liero but also to worms. It's what I was looking for for so much time. Great!
Kind of fun. It's plain to see that a lot of work went into it. I didn't understand why I couldn't play one player though? But the tunneling is neat, very dynamic maps... you can destroy the terrain! The play control could use some fine-tuning...
******** by H
A very nice Liero clone. It ran a bit slow with 640x480 resolution on my computer though and with 320x200 the minimap took up a too large part of the screen.
This game is great! The effects are very nice,and the gameplay is just what it should be. Ive been wanting to make a game like this for a while. There should be more players, or maybe some other things you can shoot at that might shoot at you too. Im a huge worms fan and now this!

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