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Depot: PuffBOMB (Prototype)


Really cool original and entertaining. Personally I prefer the old look but both are still very good.
Great simple graphic and excellent sound.
Very good example of how to make a funny game with not so much sound, graphic and people! But I suppose this cannot raise to the shareware level... good anyway! Ciao
This is the future of puzzle games :) It combines incredible machine with lemmings with jack ass. It's fun to play, fun too look at and will make your brain smoke. Get this game, you know you want it :)
Great art. A loony tune playing in the background might have been nice. Gameplay is fun, but a bit too much trial and error for my taste.
Okay, so it plays off of Incredible Machine's basic premise, but the sadistic twist (and gratuitous usage of rodentia) makes this a savory download. Plus, there's a level editor available!
Umm... some more sound and it would be almost perfect!
Every once in a while, I stumble across a *completely* original game (code, gfx, sound). These graphics are very nice, and the game is super addicting and funny. Great presentation, unity, and style Mike!
Original game concept with cartoony graphics. Sometimes, the positioning of the bombs can be a bit awkward, but you'll get the hang of it soon.
Looks realy cool and works under Linux!!!
********** by deps
This is a sick, sick, sick, sick game! And I love it! It is a little like playing pool with burning teddybears. Or a morbid clone of the incredible machine games. I want more!
ROFFLE!! Not only is the game fun, the graphics are great and the sound effects are too. I can't wait to see this one mature with more levels.
********** by c3Pa
WoW !!! Excelent game !!!!
This game is truly amazingly original and fun to play! The only negative thing about it is that it lacks maps (which is no problem, since you can make your own with the supplied map editor). The sound effects are exellent, and the particle engine is beautifull.

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