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The graphics need more work and the gameplay is too basic. Music is ok, menus are slightly confusing. I don't like that the pads lose speed when switching movement direction.
Music not to my taste, graphics below average. It looked like more effort went into the menus (which I found frustrating anyway) then the actual game. Really for something with the title "pong ultra" I would have expected more in-game features. It was fun for a minute or two but then lost it's appeal because of a lack of variation.
******** by ITM
Actually, I think it's quite a good pong game. I like the 4 player mode too. It's great fun with 3 other friends ;)
****** by miran
This one is difficult to rate. There are lots of different themes and playing modes and the game has everything it needs: menus, sound, music, AI, etc and the author obviously put a lot of work in it. Unfortunately though the quality of the graphics is rather mediocre and the music sucks IMHO...
Some peple would call me crazy but this game is addictive aand also fun, graphics can be improved alot but it is still fun!!! Like the 4 player mode!
Ok remake of pong. Sfx and music is ok. Game crashed a few times and sometimes it wouldnt let me play the game although I could quit to the main menu. Set up was annoying.

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