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Depot Games: PixelShips

Current Version: 1.87

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #9 during May 2007

Links: Web Site, Game Download Page

Category: Space Shooters

Developers: Kris Asick

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: In the future, people of all ages have been united by a toy called the PixelShip. There are 160 different PixelShips and in this game your job is to find and collect and fight with them all through randomly generated arenas.


EASY SKILL - Christian Leger - 14,449,200 Points
NORMAL SKILL - William Howard - 27,606,300 Points
HARD SKILL - banan - 56,764,200 Points

Key Features:
* 160 different playable ships, each with their own stats and weaponry. (One secret one too! ;)
* Pseudo-Randomly generated environments with a total of 100,000 different missions and maps to play.
* Game plays in 320x200x256 mode @ 70 FPS
* Plays flawlessly on systems as slow as 166 Mhz!

There is no sound or music. If anything else doesn't seem right, read the README.TXT file, or hold F1 down at different spots in the game for help on what you're currently doing.


Name Comments Size Date
pxswin187.exe PixelShips v1.87 Download 434,609 05/21/2007 5:13 AM

What's New:

* Uses new GDInput handler for handling keyboard, mouse and joystick input.
* Various performance fixes.
* Command line options removed. To change screen modes, press F9 in the game.
* Files now saved to more appropriate locations under networked and Vista systems.
* Ships and Drones now outlined so that they are easier to see.

* Reduced CPU usage to play nice with background applications.
* Holding multiple fire buttons with specific combinations of weapons no longer wastes additional energy.

* Bug with the game freezing on the QuickTip screen fixed.
* Keyboard configuration added. You can now set up your own control scheme.
* Joystick supported added.
* Energy usage halved to make firing all weapons suitable, however, energy recharge rate is ALSO halved to balance this change.

* Updated the Allegro build to solve the crashing issues on some Windows 2K/XP machines.

* Numpad works now.
* Can fire individual weapons more easily, or all of them at once!
* Enemy HP bar changes blue to indicate a ship you do not have yet.
* QuickTips are generated properly.
* SHIFT key vacuums pixels now instead of ALT.

* Gameplay has been balanced... finally. Thus making the game much more fun.
* Droids now come in greater numbers and are much easier to destroy.
* New timer routines installed so that the game will almost NEVER run at the wrong speed on any system you throw at it.
* Enemy HP meter.
* Major changes to all 160 ship statistics.
* "UPGRADE" symbol now appears to let you know that the ship you're flying has maxed out its EXP.
* No more Warp Zones as the first mission in a campaign.

Spectrum Gun
Spectrum Gun
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 9.1
  • 7Nice and good. Ukash, Ukash Kart, Ukash Bozdurma, Ukash Nedir
  • 10Probably the best space shoot'em'up I've ever played. I particularly love the way things are upgraded and new ships are earnt. 5/5!
  • 10Very impressive! I loved the game, it is indeed very addicting. I wouldn't let go of it for hours! Trying to upgrade smaller ships can be a frustrating feat, but nonetheless, the game deserves a 5, so it earns a 5!
The Developer
Kris Asick
Kris AsickI've been programming professionally since 2002 and am the indie designer, programmer, artist, musician, etc. behind Pixelmusement, dedicated to making great (and addictive) games for years to come. I also host a web show called "Ancient DOS Games". (View Profile)