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Lack of GUI and mouse controls makes controlling your minions hard. Very interesting concept; makes me wish the AI was smarter and the map was bigger. Rate of building and small screen make short yet fun games now.
Ive never ever seen a game anywhere like this. very original. very addicting. very fun. absolutely nothing wrong that i could see. A good game dose not need sound
I love the non-traditional nature of the game. The game is less exciting without some sort of sfx or music, though. It would help to add a mouse control and possibly a dialog at the bottom to choose different buildings and such; the cursor movement is confusing for many who have played against me.
the only thing missing is some music and SOUND ! Adding some sound effect to the player's action (building, commands - spoken?) and you have perfect game.. I played it twice and found no problem. The idea is cool and the gameplay too. The AI is refreshing, not many games have it's own opponent.
****** by Ultio
Very unique idea. I like the concept behind this game a lot. It can be difficult to place arrows down when you have so many "bugs" floating on top of them. Also, as mentioned, lack of sound and music make the game feel a bit boring in a quiet room. Even so, this game is really cool. I was a bit confused as to whether placing down too many objects or having your bugs nearby effected building time.
****** by miran
v0.5: Good idea but rather poor presentation. Well, it looks OK, although it could be better, but it has no sound effects or music. Also the controls are a bit awkward, perhaps it'd be better to support mouse input. Still, it shows a lot of potential and with a bit of polish this could be a very good game once it's finished...
Me being beaten by my AI
Me being beaten by my AI
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