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Depot: Operation Spacehog


******** by whirpp
I found problem with some resolution : at 1440x900 i don't see the top menu with power-up, at 1920x1200 the screen is too small. Great power-up system (Gradius style) and Intro system. Graphics non-innovative. One of the most complete game of Allegro Community
This is one of the most professional games on the site. Great game play and balance. It gets very challenging as you move up in levels. And by challenging I mean "Super Ghouls and Ghosts" challenging. That's a good thing. Definitely my favorite among Mr. Peitz' games.
A good, all-around space shooter, but a rapid-fire button would've kept my interest a lot longer... (Incidentally, my fingers hurt after I finished playing this...)
A great game, 2 player mode is an excellent feature and althought the story was a bit cheezy and the music wasnt to great its a well done game.
I cannot deny the appeal of this game -- it is an instant classic, and (IMO) Peitz's best work.
Slightly short after you get used to the enemies and find a gamepad with autofire, this game is very polished and full of quality details.
********** by jamal
Great game. Graphics and game play are really exellents. For me it's the best shooter of the
Amazingly proffesional. Great graphics and sound, along with the incredibly addicting gameplay. Excellent work! No words to describe. Everyone has to try it out!
It's fun and intriguing. I love to play it to break through my mental blocks while working. I recommend everyone play it:).
Not much more to say, only confirm that this game is great! And very addictive. Too bad that there are only six levels.
Not many games can make you feel what this one does. After you get used to the enemies and tactics, you will need more levels... and there you have the level editor! Perfect from the start to the end.
********** by Svbman
Oh...GREAT game. The character designs are excellent, and the programming itself is beyond me. Johan Peitz, Andreas Qassim, and Aaron Hankla have a real future in video games. I never rate games, so this is a huge compliment.
Wonderful! The powerups system is very nice! The only problem is that you get tired of fast button pressing, it could be automatic... But it's addicting! It makes me want to build up and kick the aliens butt once again, but, hell, I'm working right now...
Johan Peitz has done it again! Along with his two other great games, Happy land adventures, and freetris, he has become famous in the Allegro gaming world. Operation Spacehog is a very nice game. You NEED, I repeat, NEED to try this out. It's got a cool plot too! Give it a shot!
Superb! I love this game. It's very hard, very quick...ohhh lovely! Considering most games weigh in at over 1 meg to download, it's amazing how much this game does in only ~500K!
Incredible! However, it could seriously do with an autofire feature; and some of the info in README.TXT could be coded into the game, as hints as you go along.
Excellent side scrolling space shooter, great weapons, nice graphics, what more can you say. Check it out.
******** by An Ly
Good game although the lack of a decent autofire means tired fingers and shorter playtime. The ships aren't all that well balanced, the enemy fire can be a little odd (firing in the opposite direction!), and the waves/background a little repetitive. Still a fun shooter... even better than firecrow!
Well, you won't get much better than this for a one man job at a space shooter. Good, challenging gameplay along with some nice effects make this a polished game worthy of a lot of playtime.
This is a great shoot-em-up! Nice graphics and sound, cool explosions, and a great weapons system. My only complaints are that you should be allowed to play the whole game on easy difficulty, and that the music could have been more varied (you can turn it off, though). Highly recommended!
The best 2d shooter on the depot and one of the best in the world. Cool weapons and gfx. BE SURE TO GET IT!!!!

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Operation Spacehog - classic 2D shooter in action!
Operation Spacehog - classic 2D shooter in action!
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Johan Peitz
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