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Depot: Mythic Blades


Excellent graphics and very polished.
OMG!!! i think i had a heart attack after i saw this game... truly a work of art!!!! sell it! talk to EA or something to publish your game! i did'nt know allegro could do that! OMG!!!
Yeah,excellent!But... You just use Allegro to change graphics mode?
Well, there's not much to be said. Your game is better than many pro games you see around there. I can't believe there's such a rarity here in :P
This is the best independent beat-em-up I've ever seen. Download it and see for yourself - you won't believe your eyes. It's a real pearl.
This is a kick ass peice of work! You should get into making 3D RPGs. You might even be able to rival Zelda OoT (not really; any game any of us could come up with would never sum up to Legend of Zelda)
Graphically this game is incredible. Mythic Blades has a graphical edge on games still being released on today's consoles. The gameplay is a tiny bit too "button mash" oriented, but then what 1 on 1 fighting game isn't? (There's 2 guys that made this, so comparisons to VF4 or Soul Calibur 2 would be out of the question) Awesome work. If you're unable to find a publisher, you may want to consider releasing it as freeware and treat it as a portfolio piece. "See this? Hire us..."
Absolutely brilliant.
********** by kentl
Diddely-darn-good!! It´s so good that it gets five from me even though AI should be improved and "side stepping" and "grabbing" would be cool to! Great work! I am terribly impressed!
By far the most visually impressive Allegro game I've ever seen. Game play needs some work though. The AI is simple and the players seem unbalanced. If you can straighten some of that up, this would be super.
Allegro can do this?!
I'm speechless.
This is deffently a great game. You get 5 stars from me. The Demo needs a little more to it, but all in all a great game.
The Developer
Miguel Pineda
Miguel PinedaMy first contact with videogames was way back when I was 7 old and my father bought us a PONG game. Ever since then I've been hooked (read as in "addicted") to videogames. Currently I work for an electrical construction company, and even though I don't have much spare time, I'm still able to program some stuff using DJGPP and Allegro :) (View Profile)