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Depot Games: Moai

Current Version: 1.7

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site

Category: Utilities

Developers: Sirocco

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: Moai is a spiritual successor to one of the elder gods of pixel editing: Autodesk Animator. Designed to make detailed pixel work easy while preserving many of Animator's unique processes, Moai exists to bridge the old with the new. The only things not returning are the FLI/FLC and 8bpp support.

Moai supports most popular file formats (GIF, PNG, JPG, PCX, BMP, LBM, ICO) and can edit images both large and small. Hotkeys and mouse buttons are remappable, the GUI can be recolored, and popular features such as grid, zoom previewing, onion skinning, and alpha channel editing are available.

Please note that if you opt to install the program, you will either need admin access, or installation outside of your Program Files directory.


Name Comments Size Date
moai_v1.3.exe This is version 1.3 packaged as a Win32 install. 1,557,518 07/15/2012 1:20 PM This is version 1.3 packaged as a zip. 1,868,236 07/15/2012 1:20 PM
moai_v1.5.exe This is version 1.5 packaged as a Win32 install. 1,685,602 11/20/2012 8:31 PM This is version 1.5 packaged as a zip. 2,376,506 11/20/2012 8:30 PM This is version 1.6 packaged as a zip. 2,400,886 01/30/2013 9:58 PM This is version 1.7 packages as a zip. 2,308,308 06/21/2013 4:18 AM

What's New:



Replaced screen configuration utility (config.exe)
Newer BMP files will now load (Gimp 2.8, for example)
File browser can now preview saved favorites
Added classic computer and console palettes (found in FAVORITES dir)
New schemes added: Slate and Dirt


Reworked favorites menu for easier operation
Favorites menu now supports a full 256 color slots
Changing color space no longer changes selected color (problem since 1.0)


Fixed several bugs in cel xlate menu (problem since 1.6)
Fixed bug where tint hotkey wouldn't save (problem since 1.6)
Fixed bug where tint could not be undone (problem since 1.6)
Fixed bug with BELOW tool not saving position of last use (Problem since 1.5)
Fixed bug with BELOW tool showing size instead of distance (Problem since 1.5)
Fixed bug with right-clicking during animation playback (problem since 1.4)
Fixed bug in favorites menu affecting file browser position (problem since 1.4)
Fixed bug in color scheme menu with text going off-screen (problem since 1.1)
Fixed bug in color scheme menu with text box not taking focus (problem since 1.1)
Fixed bug with brush tip opacity being ignored (problem since 1.0)
Fixed bug with brush tip opacity showing up when it shouldn't (problem since 1.0)
Fixed random crash bug when changing frames (problem since 1.0)
Fixed hotkey use causing problems in the following menus:
- Color scheme
- Animation playback


- Removed installer from distribution for the time being
Program will not run without write permission in its current directory!

- Modular storage format adopted for config files and workspace.
Upgrading should no longer be an issue **after** this release.

- Added support for ICO file format (all types)
- Added ICO to browser filter buttons (removed OTF)

- Frame tint command added to PIC menu + hotkey
- CEL transformation menu added to CEL menu + hotkey
- Mouse button remapping added. Up to five buttons can be mapped.
- Frame thumbnails are now updated when loading files
- Frame thumbnails are now updated when saving workspaces
- Fixed bug with selection window not showing at -1,-1 coords
- Rewrote onion skin implementation to eliminate several bugs
- Fixed display bug in color scheme preview window
- Fixed hotkey mapping issue with quickpan command
- Fixed buffer overrun in file browser
- Fixed crash bug when using zooming preview with onion skin

- New schemes added: Overcast and Oriole


- Anti-jitter option added for sensitive mice, enabled by default.
- Color inspector added (default hotkey is F11) - reports RGB,HLS,HSV,HEX
- Animation sequencing and playback added to frame menu. (mea culpa!)
- Zoom preview fixed to work with onion skinning and alpha preview.
- Added percent-based scale slider to frame resize tool.
- Added shortcuts to Moai's and your operating system's font directories.
- Distance display is now different from size reported by drawing tools.
- Move tool now uses distance display (if you've enabled that option)
- Resizing a frame now fills new alpha data with full visibility.
- Small performance optimizations for slow ops like fill.
- Adjusted power saving option. Should give better performance.
- Cursor and crosshair scaling are disabled by default.
- Help menu updated.

- Fixed bug with font preview in browser. Glyphs were sometimes clipped.
- Fixed bug with alpha preview disappearing when moving view.
- Fixed bug with frame background not always updating.
- Fixed bug where panning a frame in alpha preview caused severe tearing.
- Fixed how clipboard handles captured images with alpha - it's stripped.

- Two new TTF fonts added to distro: Munro Small and Pet Me 64. :) :)


> No change to workspace format! It's safe to upgrade from 1.2
> Hotkeys will need reassigning!!

> No need to backup your workspace frames before unzipping/installing

- Fixed bug with file browser slider not scaling properly (since v1.2)
- Fixed bug with text tool sliders being positioned wrong (since v1.2)
- Fixed bug with text tool menu not repositioning well (since v1.2)
- Fixed bug with text tool spacing not being maintained (since v1.2)
- Fixed bug with program hanging on exit (since v1.0)
- Fixed bug in sprite sheet generator (off by 1 pixel x/y) (since v1.0)
- Fixed bug with XOR ink not respecting brush tip alpha (since v1.0)

- Greatly improved Moai's ability to repair damaged workspaces
- Moai distribution now loads tutorial ONLY if no workspace is present

- BELOW fixed to behave like other CEL activities
- Quickpan displays error message if frame is too small to work
- Extremely slow operations show up on screen progressively
- Glow ink and fill operations have been optimized slightly
- Zoom level is remembered for each frame
- 'Center' action added to FRAME menu. This recenters the window
- 'Center' hotkey added as well
- New schemes added: Toadstool, Mustard, Lilac, Igloo

- Frame can now be repositioned with an edge at center of screen
This allows easier editing of corners and edges

- Drawing menu automatically fades out when:
- Getting a CEL
- Using the move tool


- Optimized spiral tool; less lag when previewing large spirals
- Spirals can be grabbed and repositioned like other shape tools
- GUI sliders have been redesigned to have better contrast and control
- When saving a JPG, quality preview will display automatically
- New themes added; several existing themes updated
- Fixed GUI bug in JPG quality menu

- User's last settings preserved for the following actions:
- Cel rotation
- JPG quality setting
- Rpoly tool
- Spiral tool

- Several hotkeys fixed
- Color select, brush tip, favorites, ink and brush tool select fixed
- User can now enter and exit these menus with their assigned hotkey

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