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Depot: Liquid War 5


I give 10 for the idea, 10 for gameplay and a BIG 4 for the graphics. Anyway, i understand this game was primarily based on the idea. Really good game, but pls improve the graphics!
This is one of the most interesting and well-crafted games I have played. It's possible to play this game for thirty seconds (just to waste time) or for hours. It's both fun and creative and the huge number of levels make for nearly endless replayablity.
********* by emilb
I liked it a lot. Played about 10 games vs several computer opponents. The whole game concept is fun and creative, and I also found the AI to be well made.
Excellent game, one of the best (and certainly most original) ones I ever saw.
The download link doesn't work, but you can get the game from It's very original and highly polished, but I didn't think it was all that much fun. I only tried single player, though. The graphics could use more work, especially the way too blurry font.
******** by psycho
A game were you are a `thingĀ“ that leads something like water... well, graphic is bad, sound fits... That principe is easy, great, and a kind of nonsense... But it, at all, is a great game...
I'm a huge fan of Liquid Wars - it's not only a unique concept, but it's executed very well! One of the best two player games on my hard drive.
Orginal, easy to learn, fun and entertaining. The AI is a bit weak, but you can allways play with a friend. What else than a 5 can i give to this
Great, just a little improvement of graphics for 5 stars. It would be great if there would be a special texture for walls borders and if the warriors weren't just squares, but I can't think of another shape. Maybe little circles with tiny borders in hi-res graphics.
I love this game. It's one of the most original and addictive games on the Allegro Depot. A must download for anybody.
********** by Rash
This game deserves the 5 stars on its sheer originality.
Great use of particle effects in this game. AI can be predictable, but this game was made for it's mulitplay. One of the few must-downloads you'll find on (If you have someone to play it with)
Excellent game... Very Original... A Must-download!
It's themost strange game I've ever seen. Very original. Gameplay is good, but more suited for human multiplayer games (playing agains the CPU is a little boring). The 'liquid' effect is really cool.
This game is great!!! It is one of the BEST multiplayer games I have ever seen. I'd have gone crazy if it wasn't FREEWARE!!!
There is nothing better than this for a fun time with friends. It's really origonal. I would really love to see something new though. Good idea, but becomes boring quite quickly.
The game concept is original (as far as I know) and it's good fun. Good gameplay, nicely customizable and all that. But the network support is pretty poor for a muliplayer focus game. A bit of tweaking and this could be a great game.
v5.4.4: Wow. This is a very unique game and just about everything the author claims. Each of the maps (lots of these) presents a different challenge. I'd recommend playing the map 'Bean' first to get used to the gameplay. You can customize Liquid War to your heart's desire too. Nice job U Foot!
There are no better games than this. If you can ignore that its really dull against only the computer and get some of your friends to come over anyway.
**** by Oz
Everything is very well done...but the gameplay is just to dull...still if your into simple games i guess its fun.. i am not though

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The Developer
U Foot
U FootI started programming on a TO7/70 when I was a kid. Then I did an HP48 program which became quite famous, named Babal. Now I create free software PC games, during my spare time. My next project is a block based game but unfortunatly it probably won't be an Allegro game... (View Profile)