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Depot: Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition


Good job Budd! :-)
********* by whirpp
This is one of the best free-platform game to download, it's very professional with great level design (some tricky quest are very ingenious), relaxing music during play, controls are very smooth , graphics is simple but very stylish. I play and finish the game in one week I enjoyed with this one.
Graphically I find it lacks style. Looks pretty polished otherwise. Nice songs and good sound effects. Enough challenge and a usable level-editor complete this package.
Great level design and music! Why? Some levels contain tricky part and challenging as well. Music is equivalent to mp3 quality which is soothing and not some bad midi. Although not much frame for animation, the animation still looks smooth. Overall a great game. A must download.
A fun game for all ages.
Hmm, nothing bad to say about it. Great graphics, great level design, great gameplay, fitting music.
OMG, This game is increadible. I love christmas and I love your game. It's so amazingly fun and well put together. It's so professional! I'm so impressed!
It looks very professinal! For very long time I haven't played so good game. Although not a 3D FPP game, it is more interesting! VERY GOOD WORK!
Great new levels for an already great game. My only complaint is traps that kill you instantly. Couldn't they just remove one heart? It just doesn't feel right to try to jump to that hard to reach platform only to fall way down and hit the spikes you thought were slightly more to the left.
********** by Rick
What can I say. Good graphics, good sound, good gameplay. This is the best game on the depot, and sets the bar for platfrom games using allegro.
Top notch platformer. Quite low resolution but still very nice graphics, animation is particularly good. Gameplay is quite original and overall presentation again very good. A must download for anyone coming to this website.
Cool! The music pisses me off, though.
Possibly, the best put together game I've seen so far from a non-professional game company and certainly, an example to follow for the rest of us.
I agree with all the previous comments, this is a great game. The major problems of the origanal are fixed, creating one of the best platform games I have ever played. Download this!
This is a really perfect game! I love the nice graphics and the music. It has many improvements to the "old" Happyland Adventures. Really a very good idea and a perfect game.
AMAZING! Very nice GFX! the fit perfectly! The idea again is very original. the music is very good aswell. The sounds are funny sometimes, but don't fit always 100%, but that's the only thing I can "complain" about! Download it! NOW!!
********** by georgi
Woooaaaa :) Incredible GOOOD Game :) Rating: Idea(150%) Playable(100%) Sound(100%) Graphic(100%) ;)

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Xmas is here! Help santa to save it!
Xmas is here! Help santa to save it!
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