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Excellent! One of the best allegro-games i have ever played.
******* by Kikaru
Amazing! I'm addicted. I noticed there is a slight strategy element for some of the later levels, for dodging shots and hitting the enemies. My only suggestion would be to add a readme file. It took a bit to figure it out. :)
Frentic Plus is a great action/adventure game with some impressive visuals and superb audio. The gameplay is good and has lots of replay value. The only flaw this game has is the slow speed. I expected a fast paced blast-a-thon but instead I often found myself sluggishly dodging enemy bullets.
********* by m c
IMHO this is like an old-school console version of heavy gear. It has very good atmosphere, and is pretty enjoyable. Good work!
Very addicting game. The gameplay gets more intense as you progress through the game. I totally love the design of the game. It has a very nice feel to it. Unfortunately it keeps crashing on my new PC.
********** by Dennis
Fun,challenging,addicting... most important of all the intro, "hand"-menu, storyline are all very atmospheric. It's like playing an action-anime where you are the main character.
I hate that it's not possible to circle-strafe, but otherwise it's a wonderful game. The story is very well written, which is a rarity for shooters. Not that a shooter really needs much of a story, but it's a great bonus. It makes me kinda sad, though, as I remember how much I want to play the finished version of Fenix Blade. :)
Can't... stop... playing...
********** by Evert
Played it for a few hours straight, and feel like going back to play it again. And I don't even like shooters...
I'm lovin' it. The game is completly consistant, entertaining, and the news/journal/mail pulls you into the role. I give it two thumbs up and more if I had three hands.
********** by Zaphos
Extremely polished production! Graphics are great -- a very well done old-school style (gotta love mode 7). Gameplay is fun and absorbing, definitely a game to expect to spend an hour or so on per session. This is definitely one of the better games I've seen around.
Yet another great game by Sirocco :) Very polished and very addictive. Nice graphics, nice musics, nice gameplay... and hard, something not easy to find in games today. And a great improvement over the first version, so you should download this one even if you have the old one.
Very good game, not much I can add except that gamepads on the Windows version don't work! (haven't played the DOS version, it may not run on XP)
******** by Ultio
Very fun, and very polished up. The way the screen rotates aroudn can give you motion sickness if you're not used to the game, but it's not that bad. Definitely quite hard, and very frustrating when you lose; but very fun at the same time!
Excellent game. Very reminescent of the SNES :)
********** by miran
One of the best games on
Wow, this is one cool shooter! Finally a game to give XOP a run for it's money. Although this game is so unique, you can't compare it to any other game, you just gotta play it!
Good game. Very challenging. A must play for SNES (and Fenix Blade) fans. : )
Top notch Allegro stuff. Mode7 is nice and works well with gameplay. I would suggest different kinds of enemies, level bosses, campaign objectives, and a story. Vertical propulsion would be nice. would open up a whole slew of new weapon possibilities (eg. bombs, laser guided missles, ect) - CAmos85
Sorry, i had added a comment to the wrong game

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