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This is a great game! It feels as if I went out and bought it! Very professional quality. The battles do feel a little slow, but I think that's mainly because there's no music yet. Overall, nice work!
I loved this game. Console RPGs are my favorite genre of game, and this one is very well done. Graphically my only complaint is the character sprites. The gameplay was great. I'll probably re-play this game several times, because it's just so good.
***** by Kikaru
It is a really nice game, good mechanics, good story, neat idea, but 2 compliants: 1) I don't like how the characters look, 2) the game movement, and more so the battles, are too slow. Sorry, this game can only get a 5. :(
********* by Tomoso
A truly professional piece of work. These are the types of RPG I enjoy the most. The attention to detail and simple controls make this game easy to pick up and play. Under the surface though you can tell this game is deeper than it may seem at first. I look forward to the final release.
Easy controls, kinda nice story, classic style but miserable graphics. Very neat as an incompleted game. I don't say graphics are everything but this much is definitely not enough.
Great. But needs to be longer. Worth the download nonetheless.
I got about 4-5 hours gameplay (OK - I'm a little slow and I did a couple of restarts). I really enjoyed the premise, the small details and the graphics were sufficiently detailed to draw me into the game. The special effects (lighting, fog, water) were really well done. I was disappointed to reach the end.
This is truely inspiring peace of work. Grafix are great. Reminds me of the old days.
****** by Rick
People are probably going to hate me for this, but I found it boring. Gfx are good. Movement is OK. I just think it could have been better.
********** by Soga
I absolutely love this game! It's pretty great and challenging. I love RPGs especially when they're challenging. Keep up the good work!
This game is the shiznite! I havent found a good Rpg in a while off the internet that is actually fun. I can also tell that the creater liked tales of fantasia rpg style.
This is great! I love the old-school style!
Not saying you should sell it, you could make a lot of money with it! But do what you will; it's your work. But I think you should make another ending. If Montag must die, then have a final battle with Juno. Also make a prologue so we can see Montag's friendship with Juno. But overall a masterpiece!
Great... just great... keep working on it!
Great RPG, that can compete with commercial old school RPG's. Graphics are nice, with neat effects. Dialogs are very good, but the english used is a bit difficult. I liked a lot the battle system, similar to FF, but also quite different. And runs smooth on my P166 :)
******** by Noir
A very nice game.... very nice... keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to your work...
it's a verry nice game and the graphics are verry nice .. however .. i would like to see realtime comat in an rpg .. i know you don't see that a lot .. but .. would certainly be nice in this one
Talk about Eye-Candy! Usually this amound of visual spooging never lasts long, but then one can easily see that you have put more effort into this project then most other indie RPG developers do. Bravo.
It is fun to play and is coming along nicely. I enjoy playing it and hope that my future RPGs match up to FB. FB has set the standard for Allegro RPGs.
Bro this game is awesome. The story line, although it takes time to adjust coming in half-way through, is great and everything else is at least the same standard or greater than the old snes rpgs. Better than Chrono Trigger! *Coughs*
(beta 2.0) Nicely done. Very professional. 'Sirocco' has made it without that one-man-game feeling which haunts the depot. Engaging storyline, decent gameplay. I have high hopes for the finished version. Well done!
********** by JaTeR
wonderful! definitly *the* most professional game on the depot! a MUST-PLAY!
For a game made by one person, this is coming out VERY nicely. I hope that more work is done and that this game is completed soon.
You mean this is the unfinished version? Wow. If only there were a Windows build and the in-game songs were MOD or XM (for those of us who still have crappy FM-based midi playback)...
GREAT GREAT GREAT. Oh man this is the best.
One word : Excellent!
Hard work pays off. Excellent all around game.
Man is this game is rubbish! Just kidding, probably the most professional and fun project on, you'd think that it is complete already. This is the one to download if any. I give it 10 out of 5 points
********** by kdevil
Fantastic game: great graphics, great gameplay, great everything...except the sound effects tend to be way too much louder than the music. Other than that very small annoyance, I love it! I can't wait until demo 2 arrives!!!
You've done a great job Kenny. I was so impressed with the amount of effort you've put into this game. The characters and storyline are top notch. I can't wait for what's in store for Demo #2. Take it easy and good luck!
********** by tom
This Game Is AWESOME!!!! Cant wait till demo 2 is out
Heh, best game ever. Makes big ones like Final Fantasy 3 fall from the throne. Still reading this?! Go ahead and download it NOW, this is something never ever seen before!
Now let me see...Great playability, music, story, controls, features, graphics, and everything else you could want in an RPG. It has a very nice feeling to it as well. This is much like final fantasy 3, so give it a try! This has become my favourite allegro game (-:
This game does not just have suberb GFX (Gimme that artist! :), it feature real personalities and a powerful engine as well. And I like those clocks as well (Ppl who've played FF6 will understand the joke). I'm just waiting for the beta!
This demo really shows the amount of work that is going into the game. I can't get over the fact that others claim the graphics aren't that great... the graphics are top-notch for an independant game developer. If you want to complain, find another game... this one is almost beyond reproach.
Pretty good. I love the work you took on each line of story. The graphics (maps) look great however I am wondering if you draw your backgrounds or import them.. Overall a cool game. Nice touch on the Magus song for title.

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Bad things come in small packages
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