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This looks like its a good game, but I wouldn't know because it keeps freezing.
one of most enjoyable 5mb's u can download from the large game in so small package.original (uses top-view persp) and expansive.lacks more horro elements-swoops,quirky noises...battle is the weakest thing in game.u never know when enemy hurts u and weapon changing is so badly done and slow.
This is actually one of my favorite games of all time. The sound, music, lightning, graphics -- everything was absolutely perfect in this game. There is alot of reading but what else makes a game good? You could jump around the scene blowing some things to peices, but that simply does get boring after a few hours ;] I would rate this game with 6 stars if possible! An absolutely definate must-play!
Interesting game, loved the background sound effects. The game was too slow for me. There was alot of reading, which I don't mind too much, but I would have liked to be doing something else. I'm also not a huge fan of the top down view either. An isometric view would have been better, something that shows the fronts of buildings and better trees than just circles. Good concept with lots of promise.
********** by Kiesiu
One of the best Allegro games ever made! If you like H.P. Lovecraft you must play this game, if don't, you must play this game also!
********** by miran
Undoubtedly the best adventure game made with Allegro!
Great graphics and sound but could use a little more design. Sketchy storyline and not enough acts, but solid gameplay.
I believe this game should be rated by what it does have rather than what it lacks. The atmosphere created by the sound, music, and graphics is effective in ways few games, commercial or otherwise, have ever matched.
Maybe I'm not enough sceptical, but I looved and looooove this game. It's great and the best of all - it looks proffesional to me.
This... game... is... scary! It's true that the graphics are not that great, but the horrifying sounds, realistic lighting, powerful monsters, and suspenseful storyline make this game a hair-rising hit! This is an awesome game if you are one of those horror game fans.
Very impressive! - Seems very well designed, both technically aswell as storyline/ maps. Great work! -My Only nag is that the characters move a bit stiffly - I preferr playing this game to Silent Hill 2, BTW :)
Great game. The graphics are not stellar, but this game is about atmosphere. It really is scary! That can't be said about many games. There is a cool line-of-site effect too, and the story is well developed. Very mysterious!!
Really great and scary game, it actually made me jump several times. Technically excellent: Scenery is multi-layered tiled with lighting! Footstep sounds depend on ground material!
This game looks really good. It reallt smooth in a way. As the Authir says, its kind a AloneITD-game. What I miss is 'that' feeling when you play it! But a Great game!
The mood created in this game is simply astonishing. Also, the graphics are among the best I have seen in the genre. The gameplay still has room for improvement, but this game is generally very well thought out. Well done!
Good work! Very good engine, story and gameplay!
This game looks good, but the gameplay just isn't there. I found myself bored and annoyed with most of it.
Congratulations! This is really a very good game. I tend to say that it's the best Allegro game I ever played. The atmosphere is really great (graphics, music, sound). Really fantastic!!! You have my appreciation.
This is excellent...very moody, looks great. Altogether, awesome!
Very cool, good atmosphere settings, and very good technical skills. It could really use optimization, though. On my AMDK6-2 550mhz with Voodoo3 I could only get about 28fps! It also runs jerky at some points. Otherwise very good.
This has a pretty good engine. Another advanced engine made in Allegro. Could use some optimizations though because for what i see, it will need a high system to run good. On my PII-450-STBVelocity4400 system, it ran on 40fps. Or maybe thats the target FPS of the game.

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