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Depot Games: Era of Magic

Current Version: 0.02

Project Status: Abandoned

Highest Popularity: #4 during November 2005

Links: Web Site

Category: Role Playing

Developers: james_lohr

Number of Players: 1


Source Code: Available

Author's Description: Era of Magic is a turn-based RPG. To be honest I have never been particularly fond of turn based RPGs because of the tendency for battles to become slow and tedious (eg Final Fantasy series). But despite it's drawbacks I opted for a turn based battle system really to enhance the strategic element of the game (and also because realistically a hack'n'slash needs to be isometric and I just don't have the time to do isometric models of enemies and characters). I was a fan of the "Heroes of Might and Magic" series so if you have ever played them you will notice a lot of similarities in the battle system.

Currently there are about 16 spells all of which are fully functional (ie they actually do damge/heal hp/summon elementals/turn enemies into frog etc.)

Items have a large variety of stats (probably a lot more than the average RPG). Also there are random items so different players will find their own unique items. This should hopefully add a bit of replay value as well. Oh and the items are seeded when a new game is created so no saving and loading to get an Uber unique item as in some games (my bro spent 12 hours straight on Diablo 2 trying to get the perfect item by imbueing ... not good).

I use my own code for just about everything (except stuff like getting into graphics modes and sound) so there might be some things of interest to anyone making their own games. But be warned: my source code is messier than my room, which is an ugly sight on the best of days. I used my own grabbed type thing so there are no longer more than 1300 bmps floating around ^^.

last update 2nd december 2003


Name Comments Size Date zip file 903,926 11/23/2005 9:25 PM

What's New:

Added extensive readme file.

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.2
  • 7Yeah good RPG I think, I'm looking forward to final version. But there should be a tutorial or manual to explain the controls.
  • 8This is a worthy effort, but it could still use a lot of development (which the author won't do now)... just be aware that this is more of a technology demo than a full game (no save game, etc... or is there??). Nonetheless, it's impressive!
  • 8Very good game, but the programmer stopped working on it. I like those RPG`s...
The Developer
james_lohr (View Profile)