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Depot Games: Empire Allegro Advance

Current Version: 1.7

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #16 during December 2009

Links: Web Site

Category: Strategy

Developers: kdevil

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: Like my previous game Empire Allegro, only better in every conceivable way.

Create units, capture buildings, and attack the enemy in an attempt to conquer the map. Different characters have different strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities that you have to work to your advantage in order to win.
Maps can be created and edited with a built-in map editor.

Featuring teams, AI players, and plenty of maps to eliminate your opponents on.


Name Comments Size Date Windows Binary & Source Code 2,132,160 05/30/2007 11:29 AM

What's New:

This version is the "not finding any bugs, so it's time to make this thing not look like crap" version!

-Changed small text from the default allegro font to something better
-Changed big text from Comic Sans to something better
-Made the buttons look a little nicer
-Added the option to arrange the maps by name, size, or the number of players
-Made the tiles scroll smoothly in the game, instead of jumping from one tile to the next
>Doesn't happen in the map editor, though, because I think it would just be a nuisance when placing tiles

-Added some particle effects, and the option to turn them off
-Added the option to turn translucency on and off, in case FBlend isn't fast enough
-I'm now using FBlend instead of the Allegro blenders, so that should improve performance
-FBlend doesn't do 24-bpp, so now neither does the game
-Changed the depth of the bitmaps in the datafiles from 24 to 16, which means a smaller overall download size
-Added the ability to choose what color depth you want, and whether you want fullscreen or windowed

Map Editor:
-You can now hold down the left/right buttons in the map editor to scroll through the map tiles
>So you don't have to start clicking like mad to get to the tanks or rarely-used sea tiles

-Added more game options
>Can display the damage before you attack
>Can include a time limit for each turn
>Can change the amount of money you get for each building
-Added the ability to bring up a menu when the AI is taking its turn
>Now you can easily quit when you get bored of watching that AI versus AI game you started
-You can now see how much money you have while in the unit purchase screen
-Included a description for each unit in the unit purchase screen

As usual, saved games from previous versions won't work.

-Each turn, a save file called gamedebug.sav is made for debugging purposes.

If you experience a crash or some other form of problem, send that file to kdevilla_AT_andrew_DOT_cmu_DOT_edu with the subject of something like "Empire Allegro bug". A description of what happened wouldn't hurt, either.

-Vastly improved AI
-Slightly improved map editor
-Changed draw method from dirty rectangles to double buffering
>Dirty rectangles was starting to become a hassle
>Double buffering makes using translucency much easier
-Changed the way the map tiles are stored
-Fixed a bunch of random bugs

Four-player map
Four-player map
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.4
  • 6Not a bad little game... the graphics could use some work, and the AI is dumb as a brick-- but it's still pretty fun!
  • 8Nice, very nice. A few problems, like crashes on some tiles near the edge of the map. But overall... nice.
  • 8The game could use more polish overall. It should include the Allegro DLL, especially when using a WIP version. The AI could use some work. There is a bug where my Lander loaded with Infantry was suddenly empty. It would be nice if the ripped graphics (and sounds?) were replaced and more transition tiles added. Otherwise, it's all good.
The Developer
kdevilThis is a little about myself: My name's Kent. There. Oh, and I also like to program a game or two in my free time. (View Profile)