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super useful, super easy, thanks you
****** by amber
It works great when it works, but it crashes very often.
Font importer took directories as valid fonts when I clicked them. To get the right size I had to import at twice the wanted size. It is excellent as it's probably one of the few editors to export to a bitmap font. Couldn't get the effects to work and had to resave the bitmaps to 24 depth. (not 256)
This is a very useful tool, and I've created a few bitmap fonts with it. It's easy to use. It misses a few features such as UNDO, keeping it from attaining perfection.
********** by mik_cc
No Allegro-ian should be without this! :D
Great program. The best way to import true type fonts to allegro.
******** by cdxrd
Not a bad little application, although it is missing a much needed feature. Zoom. If it had a zoom it would be perfect!
GREAT program! You must get!!
Very easy to use. Indispensable in the Allegro package.
AFE is the perfect font editor for Allegro. Easy to use editing interface, imports TTF fonts, and saves in a format that can be directly used by Allegro. Great work!
Great tool. Really great tool. Use it if you want to add some spice to your games. Neat.
Exactly what allegro needed
Very easy to use, and there's nothing else out there quite like it. Excellent utility.
Woah. Shibby. I love it. Its nice and smooth running and nice interface and its user friendly. Now I just need to figure out how to use it in my game. Good job I like it but the saving the font is a bit confusing.
1.15) Excellent utility. I am terrible at making fonts and this really simplifies things. I havent tested all the features yet, but it seems pretty stable and does what I need it to do. Great job!
It needs a "more easy" and "less graphical" interface to edit characters, I don't like the current one. It needs more "better" effects.
Thank for Developer's work!!I wait for new Edition about FontEdit for ALLEGRO!
Nice gui, works great easy to use, easy 5.
Insanly helpful!
Very nice program, with an excellent UI. Many components, very useful.
******** by JaTeR
sweet. now there's actually a GOOD font editor! Thank You Miran! We Praise Thee! Definitly good if you want to make your own fonts..

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