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Depot: Age of Invasion


its great because if you get board you can just make your own team to your delight butsome units are so slow and take like a day to get to someware but over its brillant oh inprove the money and power limit above 25 thousand maby 50+ get this game its relly injoyable when you can play greatly thanks
A side-scrolling RTS is an interesting idea, but the game lost me during the tutorial with very sluggish and awkward direct movement controls.
Control is a little difficult, and the graphics are primitive, but the game itself seems very well made. This is already quite good fun and could be an excellent game when finished.
Amasingly interesting game, but very slow to load on my PII 233, if you could speed up the loading of maps, processing of AI and speed up scrolling i will rate it a 5.
********** by Zaphos
Fun game, original concept, very intuitive gameplay. Some better pathfinding + more sliding collision of the units with terrain (the saucer seems to get stuck easily?) would be nice, but then, it's not finished yet! I expect the final product will be wonderful.
Truly excellent game. Awesome music and SFX. This will be great when finished.
My last review of this game was a while ago, but I just redownloaded this game and it is awesome! Now it is really simple to play, and is original. Everything works, although simple at the moment. Still a while from finished, but a great game. Try this game.
I enjoyed this game at lot, it was very unique and original. I didn't have any problems with the speed, but I found it annoying that there was no option to make the game windowed instead of full screen.
****** by kdevil
Has a lot of potential, but takes waaaaay too long to load the levels and can be very confusing at first.
(v 0.68) Original, but one big complaint: It is slow!! You must spend 15 minutes building units (and allowing them to rest) even before thinking about attacking anything. An adjustable game speed scale would be nice.
It's a great game with a great idea, but too coomplicated. I beg you to do a toturial!!

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