Draws a translucent RLE sprite.


void draw_trans_rle_sprite(BITMAP *bmp, const RLE_SPRITE *sprite, int x, int y);
Translucent version of draw_rle_sprite(). See the description of draw_trans_sprite(). This must only be used after you have set up the color mapping table (for 256-color modes) or blender functions (for truecolor modes). The bitmap and sprite must normally be in the same color depth, but as a special case you can draw 32-bit RGBA format sprites onto any hicolor or truecolor bitmap, as long as you call set_alpha_blender() first. Example:
      /* Some one time initialisation code. */
      COLOR_MAP global_trans_table;
      create_trans_table(&global_trans_table, my_palette,
			 128, 128, 128, NULL);
      if (get_color_depth() == 8)
	 color_map = &global_trans_table;
	 set_trans_blender(128, 128, 128, 128);

draw_trans_rle_sprite(buffer, rle_ghost_sprite, x, y);

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